WMST #3 - Pockets of time

Do you ever wished you have more than 24 hours a day?  I do. Time is so precious that I always try to make use of whatever little pockets of it I have.

I am usually up by 5.45am every day, 15 minutes before the hubs and baby gets up which also means chaos. This 15 minutes is when I attempt to prep myself. Precious me time before I start the day.

By 7am, we will be out of the house and the time i really look forward to is the 30 to 45min I have on the bus ( make that a double shot since I get same amount of time on the return trip). I take a private bus service to work, which means there will almost always have seats available.  While to some people, it's perhaps the best time to catch up on missed episodes of that favourite drama. I usually choose to either catch up on sleep or on responding to emails, just so to make the day in the office slightly easier.

There are times when I just want to sit there and do nothing. Looking out of the bus, watching other people go about their day can be pretty calming. It helps to set the mood right for the day ahead....usually what I  will do when I know it's going to be a tough one.

Watching the traffic on monday morning. Mind's a blank, but great prep for my stressful day. 

The little pockets of time on the bus is also great for doing research for that upcoming family trip, or any family project that you are working on. I have used the time to check out baking recipes, compare hotel prices and find that best place for a quick massage.

Whatever you choose to do, it is precious me time which when used wisely can go a long way in making the rest of the day easier to get by.

Do you have little pockets of time during your busy day? How do you use them?

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