Separation Anxiety

"5 days without you by my side
I sit and wonder if you will be alright.

I know i will be all blue without my superglue.
Will you feel the same way too?

My heart races without your  embraces
Will you also miss me and my funny faces? 

I worry if you'll get enough to eat
I worry if you cannot fall asleep

I worry your teeth would have decayed ,when I get back
and days of dirty clothes from school unpacked. 

I worry your temper tantrums, 
Will hold your father at ransom. 

I worry about so much more 
That's making me not want to go anymore. "

Yup! We have one mother with a serious bout of separation anxiety and it is not funny. While thinking about what to pack for my work trip to shanghai, my mind's also through what I need to prepare for the boy just so everyone helping out with J will knows what to do. 

Since J was born, we have never really been apart for more than 2 nights. So this will be the first time I won't get to see him, hug him, kiss him or tease him for 5 straight days.

Doesn't sound like a long time? It sure does to me. Being away from him for just a night because of work events makes me miss him like crazy. So five days is like months to me!

I foresee lots of tears coming my way.

Have you had to travel without you child for an extended period of time? If yes, did you have separation anxiety? How did you deal with it?