At 18 months

18 months is supposed to be quite a significant milestone for children who attend infant care. When we first placed J at IFC , he was not even 4 months old. We knew that turning 1.5 years old is a natural progression. But, nothing could prepare us for the overwhelming pride we felt when we saw him  on his first day at Toddler Care.

My boy is spunky and an occasional rebel. Worried we were that his non-conformist nature will find him having issues adapting to being a big boy. We were pleasantly surprised at his ability to do as instructed, and how he confidently assumed independence. It was pleasing to the eye, to see this little man carry his bowl of cereal, finding a seat, self feed , wipe his mouth, return the bowl, wash his hands at the sink and wipe it with a paper towel... and dispose the towel... all on his own.

Obviously, he hardly displayed any of the above at home, hence seeing him behaving like a big boy  makes me want to cry out loud. Tears of joy mixed with a little sentimentality. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?!

It is then that I realised we have been so busy to notice that this boy is more than willing to take on the responsibilities of a big boy. Perhaps the reason why he cannot sit still at the table is because he rather self feed than wait to be fed. Perhaps the reason for why he loves to play with the broom and dustpan at home . Maybe because he is yearning to help out.

We have since allowed him to do most things on his own. Encouraging him to clean up after himself. Strategically placing a litter bin within his reach so he can throw biscuit wrappers and tissues after use etc (of course don't expect the place to "really" be clean... he is still a 1.5 year old... but it is the effort that counts).

While we still have to deal with his occasional temper tantrums, I am happy that this boy is developing well both physically and intellectually.

In the same breathe, this is also a reminder for us to slow down, and pay more attention to what goes on around us. It is easy to get absorbed into the hum drum of work, and we miss the growing moments of our kids.  I certainly don't want to miss out on any more of J's significant milestones.