A to Z of our 2013

Whether the year has been a good or bad one, this is a good time to take a step back, walk through all that has happened, and be thankful for what we have today.

Here's the A to Z of how my 2013 has been. Not the best, but I am glad it's over and I am certain 2014 will be better. I have learnt many things about myself along the way which I hope to improve on as we go forward.

A is for adapt. 2013 has been a year of adapting for the family. From new jobs , a new home and a new school for J. Had a lot of kinks to straighten but glad I came out of it a stronger person (I hope!).

B is for blog. Despite being a challenging year, I managed to spend more time on the blog. I moved to my own domain, started on reviews and giveaways,  and have since seen visits doubling.  Not the most astounding number, but I am happy. I am starting to plan  for the blog next year. Slowly, but surely my blog will grow (crossing fingers)!

C is for changes. The changes the family had to go through this year were more than what I would have expected. Just when I thought things have settled down, we had to go through a change after another. Each being more challenging than the previous. But, I have learnt along the way that it is also through changes that we grow stronger.

D is for driving: After swearing off driving for years, I had to get back behind the wheel for my son. The move to our new home means that driving will cut down a lot of travelling time, which also means more time for the things that matter.

E is for ectopic pregnancy, my greatest fear came true. Moving on, yet still not entirely forgotten. I have actually still be counting the weeks, and reminding myself how far into the pregnancy I might be if this had not happened. Silly I know... but just being sentimental! I am looking for the courage to continue hoping for the next blessing to come.

F is for friends. I am grateful for great girl friends who keep me sane during this parenthood journey.

G is for Gigglebellies. A-huh! You heard right. J loves to dance along with the colourful creatures from Gigglebellies. In all honesty, I think the animals look... ermm.... weird too colourful. But, I can understand why it attracts kids. And, I actually love how they always have a little variation to nursery rhymes we are all so familiar with. So if you see me dancing out of the blue, I probably got an case of gigglebellies overdose.

H is for home. We sold our first flat and bought a new place which makes a cozy new home. Hopefully one where J spends the rest of  his growing up years in.

I is for insurance. A rather frustrating time I have had with Insurance. Getting new ones and claiming from existing ones. It does sound funny coming from someone who worked in the industry for a considerable amount of time. It sucks, and I do hope no insurance issues in the new year!

J is for Joy. Life is never easy. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, I choose to be happy. Choosing joy has been my mantra as we approach the end of the year. And, I will continue to choose joy as we enter 2014.

K is for Kindermuzik. The first kiddy class we brought J to. First and only so far.  J did not enjoy the lesson very much, possibly because he was a 16 month old attending an infant class. Being a seasoned IFC goer,   he would have enjoyed the toddler classes more. I wonder if he will still be keen to go for another lesson, or maybe gym classes will score better in his books?

L is for linky. I started another first for the blog by creating the "Working Mommas' Survival Tips" link. I hope more people will jump onto the bandwagon with me and share their mummy juggling experiences.

M is for motherhood. I have been a mother for more than a year and the feeling is surreal. I cannot believe the dream that I was relentlessly pursuing for years came true. Motherhood sure brings heartaches and frustrations as much as it brings joy. A tough balancing act certainly.

N is a for natural living. I don't profess to know very much about natural living. However, along the motherhood journey, I became more aware of the the amount of chemicals in medicine and some of the food we consume. These chemicals can mess with our health and I try to keep away from them as much as I can. While still slowly discovering new natural alternatives to a healthy lifestyle, happy to have started with TCM and essential oils remedies.

O is for (missed) opportunity. I was presented with an (job) opportunity this year which I would have jumped at if it wasn't for the family. It came just before the ectopic pregnancy episode which threw me off the ground. I had to make the hard decision to say no as much as I wanted it. Woes of being a mother. Don't want to make myself sound sacrificial, but it sure sucks when you cannot have it all.

P is for Penang. Our family trip for the year. Just the 3 of us. Papa, kid and me.

Q is for quirkiness. While parenting is no simple feat, the little man's antics always gets my tummy in stitches. He is one funny fellow and his quirks sure made 2013 easier to get by with all the hiccups that came with it.

R is for Reading. Slow but surely the little man is taking an interest in books. I recently got him the LeapReader Junior  which upped his interest in books. So, my nights are now filled with books flipping and storytelling!  My review on the LeapReader Junior coming up soon.

S is for Shape Run: My first run after giving birth. Only 2.4km and I found it hard to complete. This means more stamina building required for 2014. Hurhurhur.

T is for Taobao, my new online shopping favorite. Reasonable prices with occasionally surprises. It has been a great place to get reasonably priced clothes for the boy.

U is UrbanNook. I haven't spent  a lot of time on my handmade jewelry business this year although it is constantly on my mind on how to crave what little time I have

V is for violence. J occasionally displays violent behaviour in school, which is a problem that we are trying to fix.Oodles of patience needed for this . Hopefully , this will soon pass.

W is for Weekend Exploits, a series of posts I started on the blog about the places we visit and the things we do during our precious weekends as a family. Well, the hubs and I are very lazy by nature. Weekends pre-kid were spent mostly "nua-ing" at home watching dramas. We hardly like to go out. So, making a point to be out and about on weekends now is a big lifestyle change.

X is for eXtravagance. Looking back, we were rather extravagant in our spending this year. Not that we splurged on luxuries, but I just felt that we could have been more careful in our spending. Practise prudence. Re-use and recycle could have been a better way. So another reminder for the new year.

My favourite Young Living Essential Oils. 
Y is for Young Living. I was introduced to YL essential oils by a good friend of mine. It has gotten me on a mini journey to seek for natural remedies to my son's ailments. My favourite is the good ol' lemon EO. I use this more on myself, and it has helped me be a little healthier.

Z is for zzzzz. Ok. I am obviously  cheating again as I cannot think of what I can end this post with. Nothing starting with Z that comes to mind. Oh well! In all honesty, is there is one thing that's lacking from my 2013, and that has to be precious zzzzz sleep.

How was your 2013 and what are looking forward in 2014?

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