As fate has it

Today, as I reflect upon the time I knew I was pregnant with J, through the period I have been a mother, there's one thing I am truly thankful for.

The presence of a special group of friends who made the journey so much easier just by being present, be it physically or virtually.  I appreciate that I can always just pop into our chat room on whatsapp to rant, to share, to complain or simply just to chat.

We were housemates and friends back in our uni days. We probably shared some really deep dark secrets, countless good times and many waking hours together.

After 3 years of living together, I drifted from the group while the other 2 ladies remained close friends. And when I thought the closeness we shared is probably going to be just a memory for me, God brought us back together with us having our kids all in the same year.

 Now, I will feel weird if I don't check in on them or don't hear that familar beep on my handphone for more than 3 days. They were the first friends I shared about my recent hospitalisation right after the BFF and the only people who I could be utterly honest with how I felt at that point.

I don't know how far this friendship will go, I certainly wish for it to last a long time. What I do know is fate brought us back together for a reason. That reason I believe is as simple as having the support group we all need, and I am thankful for that.

I do wish our children will get to grow to be good friends as well, and stay as a support group for one another as they go through the different stages in life. I think with the shrinking family size in the country, having friends are the immediate replacements for cousins. So here's wishing everlasting friendships to us and our kids


This post is dedicated to Jelly, Yammie and the BFF. All names have been changed to prevent any of the mentioned from running away because I spoke about them here. 

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