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Getaway to Penang 2013 - Part 1

We often get asked why we bother taking our child , who is not even 2 years old out of the country. They wouldn't know better, and it is definitely a hassle to pack and manage a hyper kid on board the plane. True to all that, and we had first hand experience of J disturbing other passengers on board the plane when we flew to Hong Kong earlier this year. However, that did not hinder us from wanting to travel with J again, not even when he is displaying signs of the Terrible Twos. Travelling with the child is a different experience. For us, it is an opportunity to spend quality time as a family. It is important especially when we are always so busy during the week, and when there's always distractions such as housework and the likes on a normal day. So, the trip allowed us to bask in one another's company, and spend our time doing silly things, snuggle in bed or just chat like we never chat before. We did exactly that last week. I was attracted to how different it

Happy 34th Papa

We just came back from our short getaway to celebrate the man's birthday as well as just to take some time away from work. It was a fabulous trip, and J was surprisingly cooperative. Albeit only two nights, we had lots of fun. Just 3 of us. More on the trip coming up soon, but here's the birthday boy and his mini-me. "Happy Birthday my love! Although you drive me up the wall all the time, I always appreciate your presence, and how you make me feel special. " Love this retro looking cake. Taste very traditional too!  Someone was obviously more keen on the cake than having his picture taken. Linking up with: 

As fate has it

Today, as I reflect upon the time I knew I was pregnant with J, through the period I have been a mother, there's one thing I am truly thankful for. The presence of a special group of friends who made the journey so much easier just by being present, be it physically or virtually.  I appreciate that I can always just pop into our chat room on whatsapp to rant, to share, to complain or simply just to chat. We were housemates and friends back in our uni days. We probably shared some really deep dark secrets, countless good times and many waking hours together. After 3 years of living together, I drifted from the group while the other 2 ladies remained close friends. And when I thought the closeness we shared is probably going to be just a memory for me, God brought us back together with us having our kids all in the same year.  Now, I will feel weird if I don't check in on them or don't hear that familar beep on my handphone for more than 3 days. They were the first

Capella Cony S230T-13 Stroller - Our experience at Shape Run 2013

[J speaks]  Two Sundays ago, we got up bright and early to join over 10,000 pretty aunties and jie jies at the Shape Run . Lucky thing was, Mummy got a room for us to sleep over the night before at Parkroyal@Beach Road together with my good friends MM and PP, who also joined us at the run. Mummy says she will update on the staycation later so I will just focus talking about the Shape Run. If you have read mummy's review of my latest ride (Capella Cony S230T-13) , you would have gathered that we were sponsored to take part in the 2.4km Stroller Fun Run ( a new category in this year's Shape Run) together with 9 other mummies and their kiddos. We started making our way to the entrance of the event ground at about 6.45am and got there a little before 7am. Yawns! We were the first amongst the group to arrive and so I decided to start the day with some exercise by playing catch with Papee. I think Papee needs somewhat more exercise than I do as he looked so lethagic