Weekend exploits #3 - Changi Airport Terminal 3

Some Saturdays back,  while the hubs was at his company's basketball tournament at the east side of the island, mummy and J decided to spend some time at the airport while waiting for the tournament to end.

That was a whole 5 hours to kill!

Thankfully, we had friends who willingly spent the afternoon with us. Better still, we had good fun that cost close to nothing. Well, not really nothing if you include what we spent on lunch, donuts and coffee:)

First stop after lunch was the viewing gallery at the Terminal 3 of the airport. Lots of empty space for kids to roam around. J got fascinated watching the planes on the tarmac before he took an interest in climbing up and down the exhibits at the gallery. For the older kids, this is also a great place to learn about the history of one of the nation's pride.

" I must climb up this pyramid....or whatever this might be.."

" Aiyoh... why so difficult to climb ah?"

" Hmm... maybe this Kor Kor can teach me how to slide down the pyramid"

Next stop we headed to the basement in search of a coffee joint as the adults needed an energy boost. Dunkin Donuts it was just so the young man gets his share of sugar rush. Love that they have kiddy furniture so toddlers get to enjoy eating at the table. He had a good time playing by the fountain and offering people within the cafe his donuts!

"Nom nom nom..!" 

Father-in-training playing by the fountain with J. 

J wanders into a shop to pick a luggage for his upcoming trip
 (No... I did not buy any for him in case you are wondering).
Oh and yes.... he did have a change of clothes as he smeared his shirt with chocolate. :) 

Done with our coffee break, it was back to more running and climbing at the free play area at the basement of T3, another opportunity for us adults to sit and relax till J was done with making friends.

All these kept us especially the boy occupied for a good 4 hours before we made our way to look for the Hubz. Best part of all is these activities at the airport cost almost nothing if you don't count our meals. Fun for free, and best way to spend time with the boy. 

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