International Buffet Lunch at Riverview Hotel

We were craving for buffet last Saturday morning, and all popular buffet places in town were fully booked. After some googling, we thought why not give the International Buffet at Riverview Garden (Riverview Hotel) a try. Luckily for us, we were able to get a table on a Saturday afternoon.

When we arrived, there was hardly anyone around. There were a couple of tables with big groups of guests, and we were happy to be given a little corner to ourselves.

I love the old-school look of the joint, and let's just say the food more than satisfied our craving. Well, don't expect award winning fare, but they do make good decent food that's comforting for the tummies.

Appetizers were not mind blowing. Pretty common buffet fare, although I liked their cured ham & melon where the sweetness of the melon puts a refreshing edge to the ham. The pumpkin & potato salad was also very yummy. 

These looked really good, but was not as fresh as we liked. We usually do many rounds of sashimi at buffets. But, this was our one and only serving. 

Although the sashimi was disappointing, the crayfish in this laksa was ultra fresh, with a generous serving with every portion. 

These were my favorites at the buffet. The prawns, like the crayfish were very fresh, and huge no less. Well battered with shells that are not difficult to ingest. The grilled sambal fish came grilled to perfection in traditional banana leaves with not too spicy sambal - just right for my palate. Well, fried shrimp paste anything usually does wonders for me, especially this one when the pork was tender and juicy all at the same time. 

The char siew does not taste as good as it looks. A tad dry that one. The rest here were pretty normal, but still enjoyable. 

Dessert lovers will have a full table of pastries and other desserts to choose from, all in sampler size so we can save of stomachs for their signature Durian Pengat. 

The pictures above do not do these decadent sweets justice. These were so good that we had second helpings...the durian pengat especially! You can find thick pieces of durian in it, and it is not overtly creamy that's why we had a second round even though we were already quite full. And, these were best paired with a cup of coffee to end the meal. 

Self feeding in progress for this young man. As the restaurant wasn't crowded, we could enjoy our lunch leisurely, without getting dirty looks from tables around us when J drops his food or throw a little fit. 

We were also able to take our time to finish our meal, take turns to bring J out for a walk along the river, thoroughly enjoying our meal with the boy. If you like alfresco dining, do opt to sit outside by the river, for a relaxing lunch with the family. 

You can find more information here, and make a reservation on the same page. DBS credit card holders also get a 10% off total bill. 

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