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If you are to live your last day...

When I was lying at A&E during the recent hospitalisation episode, I thought about many things. About what I should have done more to not have lived my life in vain. About how not to leave this world with regrets. Morbid I know. But isn't it always like that? It is when the prospect of losing what we have today that we begin to look back and wished we could have lived better lives and hence the cliche of living each day like it is our last. Simple as it sounds, chances are we will continue living the way we do just because we are sure there will always be tomorrow. I obviously have not lived very long. Not even close to half a decade. But, there were countless of occasions when I felt unhappy just because I suppressed my feelings and let others have their way. There were also times I let opportunities slip by because I was afraid of what the change may bring. Hence, I do want to try and do more of the following so as to live a fulfilling life. One with no regrets

Weekend exploits #3 - Changi Airport Terminal 3

Some Saturdays back,  while the hubs was at his company's basketball tournament at the east side of the island, mummy and J decided to spend some time at the airport while waiting for the tournament to end. That was a whole 5 hours to kill! Thankfully, we had friends who willingly spent the afternoon with us. Better still, we had good fun that cost close to nothing. Well, not really nothing if you include what we spent on lunch, donuts and coffee:) First stop after lunch was the viewing gallery at the Terminal 3 of the airport. Lots of empty space for kids to roam around. J got fascinated watching the planes on the tarmac before he took an interest in climbing up and down the exhibits at the gallery. For the older kids, this is also a great place to learn about the history of one of the nation's pride. " I must climb up this pyramid....or whatever this might be.." " Aiyoh... why so difficult to climb ah?" " Hmm... maybe this Kor K

J's first mall event - Liang Court's Faboolous Halloween

Pre-kids, I often wondered why would parents bring their children, squeeze with the crowd to visit a mall event. Well... I obviously did not know better . With an energizer bunny as a son, there is a constant need to look for activities to keep J occupied. When we were invited by Liang Court to take part in their Faboolous Halloween costume making workshop, I thought why not?! While J may be a little young to work on any complicated handicraft, i figured he would be thrilled to be dressed up as a vampire or the likes. I was oh-so wrong! He refused to put on the cape (only did so after much coaxing), was all squeamish when we attempted to do some face painting on him and he was more interested in running around the mall than soaking in the halloween atmosphere. Oh well! Attempting to put the vampire cape on for J, who refused to have anything on him.  J taking instructions on what to do with his vampire medalion. Paint he must... and paint he did (with my help of c

International Buffet Lunch at Riverview Hotel

We were craving for buffet last Saturday morning, and all popular buffet places in town were fully booked. After some googling, we thought why not give the International Buffet at Riverview Garden (Riverview Hotel) a try. Luckily for us, we were able to get a table on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived, there was hardly anyone around. There were a couple of tables with big groups of guests, and we were happy to be given a little corner to ourselves. I love the old-school look of the joint, and let's just say the food more than satisfied our craving. Well, don't expect award winning fare, but they do make good decent food that's comforting for the tummies. Appetizers were not mind blowing. Pretty common buffet fare, although I liked their cured ham & melon where the sweetness of the melon puts a refreshing edge to the ham. The pumpkin & potato salad was also very yummy.  These looked really good, but was not as fresh as we liked. We usually do m

Weekend exploits #2 - IMM waterplay park

Sometimes, the best outings are the ones that are spontaneous. We were at IMM for some grocery shopping some saturdays back, and decided to take the boy to the rooftop playground at the mall. The playground had loads of older kids having a ball of their time. Hence, while it is under the shade, we steered clear in case J gets pushed around by them. The water play area, while in the sun was more inviting. We did not bring any towels , but had an extra set of clothes for J. So, we encouraged J to join the other kids and have a splashing good time. A good time he sure had! *Pardon the low-res pictures. Took them with a mobile phone from a distance.  J exploring the water jets. Slowly, but surely getting acquainted with his surroundings. Papa standing by to ensure J is comfortable at the play area Finally confident enough to explore on his own.  The water play has lots of tilting buckets, fountains and water cannons that can be controlled by children to have a co

Ectopic Pregnancy: What you should know

The dust has kinda settled, and to those who knew what happened and/or read my post 2 weeks back and provided comfort in one way or another, I want to say "Thank You". It made me feel better being able to talk about it, despite doing it here and via the mobile. The wonders of modern technology. No need for face to face conversations in case the tears cannot stop flowing. While the physical pain has subsided, the memory remains. I don't think it will ever really go away. I was just chatting with a dear friend about what happened. She went through the same some years back. Today, there are still tears when it's being mentioned. At that time, I can only be the one who listened and comforted. Today, I totally feel her. Going back to work this week was pretty tough. Most people avoid asking about what happened. But there are some who will probe. And in a few interesting conversations, I had not one, but 2 people congratulating me on my recent pregnancy. All in good