The bub visits Hong Kong - Final

Finally got down to the last installment of our Hong Kong trip. Better late than never, and with more pictures too!

If you missed the first two parts, here they are:

Part One
Part Two

Day 2:
With the rain still pouring , we decided to just get out for a walk at Citygate Mall after breakfast.  J's paternal granny decided to stay in the hotel because of her aching feet. So we went ahead without her.

Breakfast at the hotel, which we also tapao-ed for J's lunch.
The buffet breakfast spread at Eaton Smart was quite scrumptious. 
The young man insisting to hold onto the bar. Refusing to let go.
He is definitely enjoying his ride on the MTR. 
At about noon, we all went back to the hotel to look for J's granny, and searched the area for some dim sum. Visits to Hong Kong will never be complete without a nice leisurely meal of dim sum. We chanced upon what looked like a pretty established restaurant, Choi Fook, with two outlets just along Nathan Street. This one we decided to try has it's entrance right next to Novotel Kowloon (a mental note to self to stay at here the next time as it is much closer to the MTR station).

The siu yuk looks dry , but was really quite juicy.  J took a particular interest in the stir fried hor fun. The food was not gastronomic, but definitely comforting enough for our hungry tummies.

Best part of lunch was really the fact there's a kiddy chair. Lunch in peace. :) 

Day 3: 
Since it was the last full day we have in Hong Kong, so we decided to brave the rain and get out. We settled breakfast at a nearby Cha Chan Ting, which ended in a disaster when J knocked over a cup of tea all over his Papee. Good thing, that did not spoil the day.

We made our way to Stanley Market in the pouring rain and took shelter at Stanley Plaza until the rain was light enough for us to explore the quiet seaside market.

Let's have some juice while we wait for Mr Rain to go away...
Goofing around is also a good way to pass time. 
I love how tranquil the whole place feels in the morning. The market is lined with shops selling leather goods, art pieces, home decoration, cotton goods as well as a couple of stores selling children / babies' clothing. I bought a couple of carters rompers for J and his friends at really competitive prices, although I do suspect they may not be the real stuff. Oh well! 

We finally see the rain become a drizzle, and we just finished our rounds
at Stanley Plaza.. so off to the market we go!
The all so familiar BoatHouse Restuarant we see in TVB dramas

It was a lovely morning, with the whole family taking it slow, and J being cooperative. We decided to leave before the crowd came in, and took a trip to Harbour City, which we left after 15 minutes because we cannot seem to find a decent place to eat. Back to the hotel we went, and settled with takeaways from Tsui Wah. Thank goodness for Tsui Wah just being opposite Eaton Smart.  

We ended the day with a visit to Ladies Market, which made everyone especially the grannies pleased. Night markets seem to be their kind of shopping. Well, as long as the trip ends on a good note, without anyone feeling upset or whatsoever, we are happy. 

Day 4 was back to lazing around to pass time before making our way to the airport. We did spend some time at Elements, the mall just above Kowloon's Airport Express Station, and got J more clothes from H&M. It seems like the H&M in HK has a better, and more complete kid's section. 

There you go! Our relatively tame, but on hindsight slow and relaxed holiday. We will be back with J soon... to make up for what he missed out. Good thing is, since he is barely 2 years old, he may not have any recollection of what happened. So, it could be a good thing that we can come back again years later for him to enjoy at Disneyland, Ocean Park and Noahs Ark.

Looking forward to our next trip, just the 3 of us... Papee, J and me! we come!