My take on infant care

In a blink of an eye, J has been in an infant care  centre (IFC) for slightly more than a year. The decision to place him at an infant care was a rash one. However, looking back and recounting J's milestones, and despite the times he fell ill, I am glad we made this decision.

Today, J will be moving on to a new centre, 3 months short of his 18th month. Albeit a centre in the same organization, I do hope he will be equally happy there. The move was a hard decision given that he loves his teachers. And...he found himself a girlfriend... YES! You heard right. He met a girl who he cannot stop raving about. :) This boy is starting young... mind you! 

In all seriousness here's some positive things I have noticed

J did not have a regular napping pattern when he was just a tiny bub. He cat naps most times which the school lets him be initially. However, when he turned 7 months and was shifted out of the baby room to sleep on mattresses with the bigger babies, the teachers made sure every child gets their nap at the same time everyday.

I am sure it was not easy. But now, J will nap at 10am and 4pm everyday for at least an hour or two without fail and this includes the weekends. I used to think all IFCs do the same. But i came to know from other mummies that it really depends on the teachers. Very often, they will do what is convenient for them.

I have heard of some who let the children choose when they nap. Different folks, different strokes. I believe there are parents who like the latter method.  I prefer otherwise as it makes planning the day on weekends so much easier. And, it makes the little one more predictable and easy to manage.

Perhaps the teacher to kids ratio mean that he doesn't get undivided attention. That also means he often needs to help around when the teachers are caring for the younger babies. He knows how to pack his toys when asked to. He also knows how to get his things prepared for his shower. He tries to help around the house by wiping up spilled water or bring things to his papee when asked to. All these without us teaching him. So I can only attribute such behaviour to what he's been taught in school.

Collaborative Parenting
This is the primary reason for my satisfaction and also the reason for my unease of pulling him out of his current school.

The  frequent occurrence of J's violence in school  saw his teachers experimenting with ways to manage him, and they will update me on how he behaved as well as reacted to their new methods. Some worked, some did not. But that did not stop them from trying.

During his final week in school, I was very happy to hear that his behaviour has improved over the weeks, which was something I noticed at home too. The fact that they frequently asked how we deal with him at home, and try to do the same, encouraging the good and frowning on the wrong, helps establish the consistency I needed. J has indeed in recent weeks been easier to manage. He knows when he has done wrong and readily apologises when asked to.  That is what matters to be at this stage of his formative years.

Love for Music
Unlike some kids of his age, he is not too keen on books.  But play him an upbeat music, and you can see him come alive. Swaying, turning around in circles, clapping and singing along in his own way. I can only say his teachers, and what he does in school contributed to that, because in all honesty, I have never been able to take him to any music and rhythm classes although I have been meaning to.

I appreciate the love and genuine concern his teachers have showered on J. And with them, I have been able to set my mind at ease when I am work for the past year. And, when I am with J, I know I can focus on continuing the good work they have done with him.

Will this continue to be so? I don't know, but we shall see!

Any working mummies here who also sends your loved ones to infant/child care? Do share your experience here!