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Kiddy Meals #2 - Milk-less Pancakes

J loves his McDonalds pancakes, and so I thought why not make some for him on Saturday morning since I had most of the ingredients at home. Well... almost all except milk. So, I made a quick search online on some pancake recipe without milk, and this is what I came up with. My prata looking pancake that got more interest from the Hub, than the boy. Oh well... at least someone appreciates it. Recipe: 2 cups of all purpose flour 4 tsps of baking powder 2 tbsp of fine sugar (you can vary the amount used here based on how sweet you want them to be ) A pinch of salt 2 tbsp oil (or butter) 2 cups of water 2 eggs Method: 1)  Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately 2) Once well mixed, slowly introduce the wet ingredients into the dry one.  3) Mix them well, till there are no lumps, and leave the mixture to rest for 5 to 10 minutes.  4) Heat up the pan, and you are on the way to having a great wholesome brekkie.  The man actually likes his pancake

The bub visits Hong Kong - Final

Finally got down to the last installment of our Hong Kong trip. Better late than never, and with more pictures too! If you missed the first two parts, here they are: Part One Part Two Day 2: With the rain still pouring , we decided to just get out for a walk at Citygate Mall after breakfast.  J's paternal granny decided to stay in the hotel because of her aching feet. So we went ahead without her. Breakfast at the hotel, which we also tapao-ed for J's lunch. The buffet breakfast spread at Eaton Smart was quite scrumptious.  The young man insisting to hold onto the bar. Refusing to let go. He is definitely enjoying his ride on the MTR.  At about noon, we all went back to the hotel to look for J's granny, and searched the area for some dim sum. Visits to Hong Kong will never be complete without a nice leisurely meal of dim sum. We chanced upon what looked like a pretty established restaurant, Choi Fook, with two outlets just along Nathan Street. This one w

My ectopic pregnancy story

What started out as a bright cheery Sunday, with plans to bring the tot out for a swim turned out to be the longest day of my life, one which I nearly lost. I started having sharp abdominal pains at 12pm, which I thought was just severe gastric. So I popped in 2 panadols, and took a short nap with J. I got up before J did, felt better, and tried to take some food, which I later regretted because it all got regurgitated. J got up, wanted a cuddle which I obliged... causing the acute pain to come back. Not sure what was going on, I made Hwa send J to my mum's so he can take me to the doctors later. He returned to find me pale and unconscious on the toilet bowl. He dragged me out, and wanted me to get changed to visit the doctors. I couldn't, and requested to nap again, which he left me to it. After about 30 min, I tried to stand, only to find myself losing consciousness again. That was when Hwa called the ambulance for help. The paramedics told me I was extremely pale,

The bub visits Hong Kong - Part 2

If you have not read about how we survived the flight to Hong Kong, do remember to read part 1 of our post holiday post.  Let me start by sharing my planned itinerary: Day 1   Arrive in Hong Kong (Mid-day) --> Settle lunch either at Tsui Wah (there is an outlet just across the street from Eaton Smart Hotel) or dim sum lunch at Yat Tung Heen , cantonese restuarant within the premises of Eaton. --> Rest/ nap in the hotel room --> Walk around the Mongkok shopping belt, settle dinner there and take a walk along Ladies Street.  Day 2 Breakfast in the hotel so we can "steal" some bananas and porridge for J --> Spend the day at Ocean Park, and settle lunch there -->Back to the hotel for J to nap --> Have some street food at temple street for dinner. Temple street is about 5 minutes walk away from the hotel. Convenience working at its best.  Day 3 Breakfast at nearby cha chan ting --> Shopping for kids clothes at Stanley Market --> Procee

New week, new beginning

It was one exhausting week for this mummy. I had to not only deal with a whiny boy who was down with stomach flu, I had a hubby who was equally sick (and super busy @ work) , and an even more than sick me. So it was triple the puke and triple the pain all around. To top it up, J was also put into a brand new environment - new school with no friends and I had to deal with all his insecurities which he displayed with tantrums, hunger strikes (only at home) and ultra stickiness. Well, I blogged about this whole changing school business, and let me just say, I have half the mind to move him out , and back to the previous school if need be. That I will cover in another post hopefully later this week. I took leave last friday as school was closed for Teachers’ Day, and badly wanted to do a mother-son outting which I have not done in ages. But, I seriously needed to just sleep and maybe sneak in a mani/pedi in between. Grand plans were hit by some really sticky, saliva smelling

My take on infant care

In a blink of an eye, J has been in an infant care  centre (IFC) for slightly more than a year. The decision to place him at an infant care was a rash one . However, looking back and recounting J's milestones, and despite the times he fell ill, I am glad we made this decision. Today, J will be moving on to a new centre, 3 months short of his 18th month. Albeit a centre in the same organization, I do hope he will be equally happy there. The move was a hard decision given that he loves his teachers. And...he found himself a girlfriend... YES! You heard right. He met a girl who he cannot stop raving about. :) This boy is starting young... mind you!  In all seriousness here's some positive things I have noticed Napping J did not have a regular napping pattern when he was just a tiny bub. He cat naps most times which the school lets him be initially. However, when he turned 7 months and was shifted out of the baby room to sleep on mattresses with the bigger babies, the tea