My experience with Drypers DryPants

I do not have live-in help. That means, as a full time working mother, I have lots of chores to do above attending to the needs of my ever active 13 month old. I sometimes dream that the house will be in order at the snap of my fingers, and that the boy will  automically be fed, cleaned and diapered at the end of each day.
One of the things I dislike doing is to change J's diapers, especially at this stage where he cannot keep still on the changing table. He will find every opportunity to run amok butt naked.

Admittedly... it is a joy looking at J running around the house bottomless. But, there are obviously times when accidents do happen, and precious time is wasted to clean him AND the house up (like there isn't already tonnes to do)!

Hence I thought it was time to progress J to pull up diapers, hoping it will spare me the hassle of chasing J all over the house, and save me some time to perhaps just laze in bed with my boys.

I couldn't be happier when Drypers gave me the opportunity to try out their DryPantz.

My supply of Drypers DryPantz

The new and improved Drypers DryPants was launched in 2012 and its Flexi-Fit feature was a win for us. The elastic waist band is soft and fits snugly on J. I could easily pull the diapers up with considerable force and they stayed pretty much intact. This means I could simply change J's diapers while he is standing, pull it up quickly and off he runs. No worries over whether his constant movements, and the action of pulling the diapers up will tear it up.

Fits nicely on J.
J wears size L by the way!
Since we started on Dypers DryPantz, I noticed that I was able to let J go on for about 5 to 6 hours before a diaper change and this is without any leaks or wetness on the skin. If it's our usual routine, the longest we have gone without a diaper change was 4 hours. While not best practice, it saves us the time and effort , why not?

Well, this is possible because Drypers DryPantz contains Activ-Core which helps to absorb urine and prevents flow back. This means, it keeps baby's skin dry while they are out and about, adding that extra comfort.

Drypers DryPantz also works well for night diapering.  Other than one accident we've encountered, we have had dry nights all the way. The isolated case could have been us not ensuring J was wearing the diaper right. We found his left butt cheek peeping at us when we were changing him, and that probably explains.

Sleeping soundly and comfortably in his Dypers DryPantz. This is the second of the 2 designs on the diapers. Irresistibly cute aren't they? 

Apparently, the interlocking fibres in the diaper is made with a premium, soft layer that's gentle to baby's skin, helping to drive urine into the core of the diaper, preventing flow back. And, that's what keeps baby dry for a longer period.

Lastly, what keeps me happy is that Drypers DryPants is so soft that the elastic around the waist and thighs does not cause any marks on J's skin which some diapers do. So, now J doesn't scratch his thighs  which can sometimes be quite unsightly. :p

Happy baby, makes me a happy mummy.

Less time on chores, more time for play makes baby and mummy even happier!

Why not try Drypers' range of diapers yourself? 
Get FREE samples via Drypers "Request Sample" tab on the Drypers Facebook page.

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Singapore Expo Hall 4B 
6 July 2013, 11am to 7pm. 

Drypers promise this is going to be bigger and better than last year's! So... see ya there!

Disclaimer: I received a few packs of Drypers DryPantz for purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.