Ahoy To The Pittodrie Pirates - A Review

I had the oppprtunity to meet a talented mother, who happened to also be a fellow SC old girl.

Lynette Morrison is a mummy to 3 beautiful kids who left her job as a lecturer to care for them. She spent a considerable amount of time in Scotland before she got married and that's  where the inspiration for these books came about. In fact, Pittodrie House was where Lynette married her husband. How lovely, isn't it?

 The 3 books chronicles the adventures of 5 pirates on their magical ship, the Guppy. The pirates' love for exploration brings them to the islands around their home, and each book in the series sees them meeting new people, trying new things, and more importantly giving them new experiences. These adventures are a reflection of what every child goes through as they grow up, hungry to try their hands at new things,  and it encourages the reader to use their imagination to undertake what the world has to offer.

As I immersed myself in the books, I was able to pick up many great use of the English language that i foresee bringing J through when I eventually need to teach him proper use of the language.

While J is still too young to read, the full colour and vivid illustrations in the book has caught his attention. He loves to point at the pirates, often getting me to tell him more about who these interesting characters are. This is certainly an encouraging start to getting him interested in books, which also helps in our attempt to calm him down.

Getting interested in the books
Jonas loves to point at the Pirates, eager to know more about them 

Looking intently at the illustrations

Interestingly, while the stories are predominantly based in Scotland, you will  find some local inferences such as the food that the pirates eat. More importantly, through the stories, you can also pick up on values such as preserverance and how to treat others with kindness that serve as important lessons to our children.

Love the books, and certainly hope they will grow with J.

You can find out more about the Pittodrie Pirates here.

If you are keen to also share these books with your loved ones, they are going at $10.00 a book (RRP: $12.00) just for my readers!

You can either email Lynette or leave me a comment here should you want to take advantage of this offer.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a set of Pittodrie Pirates, and no other compensation was received. All opinions are wholly mine.