Yes. I am a lazy parent

Since J turned one, there are increased comments around certain habits of the boy.

"You are one now, you should stop using the pacificer.'
" It's time to throw the tutu out. He is too dependent on it" 
" Why is he still sleeping with you? He should be sleeping in his own room ..."

We started giving J the pacifier when he was about 2 months old as we needed sleep to keep sane. The good it does is simply magic, so much so that J is rather addicted to it today. I have sometimes joked that it is akin to his oxygen mask, one that keeps him very much the boy we know him to be. 

Jokes aside, it can be quite disturbing to find him always looking for the pacifier for comfort, and as most parents would be, I was am bothered by the fact that sucking on the dummy too long, too often may affect the growth of his teeth. True or not, I don't know. What I do know is, as of now, his teeth are not growing out very straight.

Then there is the concern from well meaning people that J should really be learning to sleep on his own.

Technically he does. He often starts the night in his own cot, which is just next to our bed. However it has become a habit for him to "ask" to join us at about 4am, just because he feels comforted knowing we are by his side. Well, this habit of his bothers me just as much as it bothers the people who have been blatantly suggesting how we should cease this whole co-sleeping business.

 In fact, I have no idea why would anyone who does not live with us, nor need to handle a whiny baby in the wee hours of each morning be bothered by this.

While ridding the boy of these habits are on my list of to dos, they are not on red alert just yet.

Well, yes, call me lazy if you want. It is not easy taking away the little comforts in our  own lives. Not even as an adult. Much less attempting to take away whatever that provides a 1 year old a sense of security. At this point, I prefer to let nature take its course. After spending the whole day at work, I really need to come home to a peace loving, non-fussing baby. If him snuggling up against me can provide him the comfort, and me the rest. Why not?

Now, there are more worrying issues with the boy which I want to tackle. He is increasingly becoming a little more demanding, a little more whiny, a little more quick tempered ... and the list goes on. It just seems like the terrible two is coming way too early. It takes a lot of patience to deal with J, and that is a story fit for a post on it's own.

In the meantime, I am happy being lazy. I can make do with people giving me the dirty look when he screams for his dummy. I cannot be more glad to sniff his smelly hair as we drift into lala land each night.

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