Living Healthily

It hasn't been a good few months especially in terms of my health & well being.

I have been getting regular tension headaches. Doctor is monitoring me for hypertension. Post pregnancy weight has not gone away. This is the heaviest I have been in my entire life (so far).

I haven't been at my best. I haven't felt my best in a long time.

It sure doesn't help when this whole work life balance thing seems rather out of reach.

Yesterday when the doctor says he needs to monitor me as my blood pressure is unusually
 high. I felt my heart sink. I am too young to get high blood pressure, and we are about to start on the cycle to conceive again.

So, I am rather determined ( after umpteen times of trying) to make an improvement to my health. I am going to give myself a month to

1) Bring my blood pressure down
2) Bring my weight down


  • Being less stressed at work. It is just work right? No use sweating over it. 
  • Eating healthy. To be honest, I have always been quite careful with what I eat. So I really don't know where I went wrong. 
  • Exercising more. I usually only exercise during weekends. I am going to make the effort to at least incorporate some sort of exercise either on going on the threadmill or swim in the evenings. 

Let's always remind ourselves to check on our health once in a while. Being caught up with our daily activities tend to lead us to neglect what's most important, our health.

I will update in a month's time if things start to look up for me. Wish me luck... and stay healthy everyone!

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