A new home for the blog

I have taken the plunge and moved this blog to a new domain.

MEENingfully.com is where we will now reside.

This is the first step on my part to spend a little bit more time on this space.

I have been blogging for 7 years now, often in an "off-and-on" fashion. But, as I progress in my life, with a growing family by my side, I find myself mumbling under my breath so often that I think it's best to document these mumblings here.

Well... managing the Old Boy and Young Man does result in me being a little insane on most days.  At least people listen to me here, and my mumblings do make some sense.

SO... there you go! Meeningfully will be putting meaning to all mum things and mumblings I have to share. Do stay tuned to my first giveaway coming very very soon!