To-do List For The Coming Months

With the craziness behind us... the hfmd episode x2, the house move and the launch of a major campaign at work, i am attempting to relive new year by making some "resolutions". Or rather to make a list of what I want to achieve in the next few months.

 1) Focus on the blog 
This space has been my enclave for about 7 years now. Those who have been faithfully following me will realise that this space used to be a place for my meaningless mumblings about daily grouses more than anything else. This has slowly evolved to me talking more about mum things and other experiences I wanna share.

 So, I have planned something for this space to make it more meaningful for my readers as I believe changes can only be for the better yah? Well... so do stay tuned.

 2) Taking J out more often
As we got busy with renovation planning and house moving, we deprived J of many weekends of time outside of the house. There are many places I want to bring the little one such as the zoo, the beach and the many interesting parks and so I am going to make the conscious effort to ensure that happens.

3) Be Healthy, Stay Happy & Take It Easy
At a recent medical examination, my blood pressure indicated that I might have hypertension. While it is not entirely unexpected as I am at risk of hereditary hypertension, what I did not expect was to get it so soon. I have always been careful with what I eat , especially so when I was pregnant. Hence, I never came close to having high blood pressure during gestation. At this point,  I suspect it could be the mounting pressures at work , plus needing to deal with being a mother. This raises the alarm bells for me, and I am determined to make sure the condition improves. It could also be a reminder to me that I should perhaps not take on too much on my shoulders.

4) UrbanNook
Yes. Time to take UrbanNook out of cold storage and start taking orders again. I will go slow this time, picking up only what I can comfortably manage while juggling work, being a mum and all my other ECAs.

5) Plan for a family holiday
I am dying to get out for a wee bit. Even if it is just a getaway to Malaysia would be fantastic. Getting out for a break can do a lot of good for relationships and of course my health!

6) Be Positive
Very often we find ourselves getting frustrated with situations we face daily, whether it is with the boss, or with people in the family. Whatever the reasons are for bringing our moods down, it is always important to stay positive and believe that things will get better.

With that, how many of you have stopped to take stock on your resolution since we are approaching mid-year? Do share if you are checking back on your resolutions and making sure you are on track. Wold love to hear from you!

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