Let the baking begin - Fluffly Butter Cake

It's been a long time since I baked. Just when I thought I should start again, the oven at our old house broke down. So, I am thankful that I have a brand new swanky one at my new abode.

It was a saturday night and J was in bed pretty early. So I thought why not satisfy late night craving for cake by baking some myself.

So, I dug through my kitchen  and found the following:
- Caster sugar (150g)
- All purpose flour (200g)
- Margarine (3 Tbsp)
- Eggs (3)
- Milk (2/3 cup)
- Baking powder (1tsp)

Mixed and sieve the dry ingredients, introduce the wet ingredients, mix well at low speed at first , then medium speed for 2 minutes. Pop them all into the oven at 180 degrees celsius.... and 45min later...Tadah..a CAKE!

Due to the long hiatus from baking .... the end product was somewhat not picture perfect... but it tasted yummy no less.

I feel the urge to bake more in time to come! So watch this space for some of my recipes to share.

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