Kiddy Meals #1 - Easy Peachy Tofu Rice

Working full time means I don't get to cook wholesome meals for the boy everyday.

While I am grateful to the MIL for cooking porridge with the freshest ingredients for her precious grandson, I am sensing the mini food muncher we have at home is getting a tad bored with the same ol' food served at the dinner table.

So, when I get a chance to, I will fix up some quick and simple meal for this boy who has an affinity with anything that spells F-O-O-D.

Here's what he had for lunch last Sunday - Peach & Tofu with Rice

This is very simple to make and all you need is a steamer. My trusty steamer is a life saver where I cook 70% of J's meals with it,

1) Silken Tofu, cubed.
2) Peach x 1, peeled and sliced.

Put both the tofu and the peach slices into a bowl and leave it to steam for about 15 to 20 minutes

Once done, top them onto a bowl of rice and serve.

If your child needs something softer, you can puree the peach after steaming before drizzling the puree on top of the tofu and rice.

What are some quick-fix kiddy meals you have made for your little ones?

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