Happy 1st Birthday My Son

Dear Jonas,

12 months ago, you popped into my life and turned it pretty much upside down. I never knew that I was able to make it through each day on only about 3 to 4 hours sleep.

I also did not know that I could go through extreme emotions, from happy, to angry, to sad and back to happy again in a matter of minutes. I miss the times where I was able to have lunch at a leisurely pace... spend hours in a spa...sit in a cafe just watching the day go by. I get envious when I see friends who are single or sans kids be able to care freely travel to interesting destinations over an extended period. Coming to terms with all the changes and at the same time adapting to them was perhaps the biggest challenges thrown at me thus far.

Despite all these, you have taught me patience.

Patience that I forgot I had when life and work got the better of me.

You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love where reprimands are always met with smelly hugs, silly grins and wet kisses.

You taught me to laugh like a kid all over again. To smile from the heart...to love with all my might.

To see you grow beyond your age, take your first step, and mutter "mama' makes my heart swell with pride. There were of course times where I wished things could be easier...and definitely more of such moments in time to come. All these, I hope will only bring the two of us closer as mother and son.

My dear son... Happy Birthday, and may you be the healthy and happy kid I have always hoped you'd be.

Love, Mummy