About the first birthday

Most parents would plan their kiddo's first birthday way in advance. Well, not only first birthdays... many other birthdays thereafter as well.

We were no different.

I blogged about this many times, where planning started more than 2 months ago.

Then the unexpected happened. J came down with HFMD just 2 days before the party. Everything came to a halt, and we had to scramble to ensure what's been ordered were either cancelled with the least penalty, or that they found themselves better places to go to:

- Food catered was sent to a Home for the Aged. I think this was the best decision we made during this episode. Just a simple treat made the day of many Ah-Gongs and Ah-Pors. It made our day as well amidst trying to baby-handle the sick and fussy J. 

- Postponed the yummilicious cake. We ordered the birthday cake from Missus BonBon, and specified that we wanted a jungle safari theme, to the colours of my blog. Not the usual colours for a safari, hence it would be pretty hard to re-use the already pre-prepared fondant for another customer. So, instead of wasting it, we postponed it till my birthday which was 11 days after J's and celebrated with close friends and the family.

I made sure I had "mummy" added to the name on the cake :) 

Ordered cupcakes to ensure we were able to feed all 50 guests who confirmed their attendance. 

We picked strawberry shortcake for the cake's flavour, and red velvet for the cupcakes.

The cake was moist, and you could taste the freshness on the first bite. While a huge fan of strawberry shortcakes, i felt this one could do with a little bit more fresh strawberries.  It was slightly different though with the use of strawberry buttercream instead of just vanilla buttercream. This got a 7/10 from me. The red velvet cupcakes on the other made all the difference! Texture of the cake was nice and fluffy, and the cream cheese was very light that made me polish off the cream and cake to the very last crumb. This is coming from someone who does not like cream AND cheese... so it must be good! That's a 9/10!

- Goodie bags for little guests and friends in school. Having received goodie bags that sometimes contained stuff that  are not suitable for babies of J's age, I made sure I find something that's useful, yet unique.

Wanted to work on hand made pacifier clips that can also be used as key holders... but the time required to complete them got to me, and I settled for some pretty bag tags from Muakids.

They are cute, yet all so functional especially for the slightly older kids as well as his entire class of babies.
Love the vibrant colours of the bag tags

The bag tags all nicely packaged with other goodies

- Balloons & Decorations: Hmmm....well... I ordered some balloons from KidzPartyStore to decorate the party venue. I was able to ask them not to deliver the balloons, but till today, I have yet to inform them what I intend to do with my order. Cannot refund... so I will need to think hard on what I should use the balloons for, unless someone wants to take it over from me! 
From the design of the cake and these stickers, can you tell what was the secondary theme of the party?
While there wasn't a party, I enjoyed the process of planning for it, and had lots of fun looking for things to put together a meaningful celebration for J.

 I hope this post can help some of you in planning parties for your precious little ones. 

"Thank you Mummy for putting together the celebration for me! I love u"

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the suppliers/vendors/providers mentioned in the above post and have not received anything nor been compensated to write this. All views are 100% my own.

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  1. love the colours you chose for the cake.. I hope lil J is much better now!! we are all fellow May babies!! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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    1. Thks Ai! In fact i think we share the same bday (just tat i m older la)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I'm also in the midst of planning my baby's birthday party, and looking for a cake and balloons. Have you tried any other flavours from Missus BonBon? Have been scouting around for balloon vendors too, and KidzPartyStore is also one of my options.

    1. I have not tried the other flavours from MissusBonBon... but she has lots of them... i think more than 20 flavours... and they all sound pretty yummy. If you are keen on looking at what I ordered from Kidzpartystore... let me know.


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