#1 - The week in pictures

Took a day off the public holiday (which also happened to be my 33rd Birthday) to make the weekend an extra long one.

Started the long weekend spending time with Hwa. We lounged by the pool and went for a good dim sum... simply just spending quality time together. Something we have not done for a long time.

We had a blast with the kiddo at the zoo and the mini celebration at home, although I have to admit I was disappointed that many peops dropped out of the party.

Felt left out of sorts... but as I spent time in the company of my family and bestie, I could not be more thankful for the precious folks in my life.

On 24 May...we decided to be spontaneous and take a trip down to the Zoo! J's first time. :) I was excited to engage him with the sights and sounds of the Zoo. 

Sussing out his surroundings

...and he gets off the stroller

...deciding what he should do next

...pulling me along while he shops

Sharing a moment with Papa while taking shelter from the rain

Attempting to explore on his own

Time out with the family!
My ever sweet niece

Belated birthday celebration for J and myself

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