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Kiddy Meals #1 - Easy Peachy Tofu Rice

Working full time means I don't get to cook wholesome meals for the boy everyday.

While I am grateful to the MIL for cooking porridge with the freshest ingredients for her precious grandson, I am sensing the mini food muncher we have at home is getting a tad bored with the same ol' food served at the dinner table.

So, when I get a chance to, I will fix up some quick and simple meal for this boy who has an affinity with anything that spells F-O-O-D.

Here's what he had for lunch last Sunday - Peach & Tofu with Rice

This is very simple to make and all you need is a steamer. My trusty steamer is a life saver where I cook 70% of J's meals with it,

1) Silken Tofu, cubed.
2) Peach x 1, peeled and sliced.

Put both the tofu and the peach slices into a bowl and leave it to steam for about 15 to 20 minutes

Once done, top them onto a bowl of rice and serve.

If your child needs something softer, you can puree the peach after steaming before drizzling the puree on top of the tof…

About the first birthday

Most parents would plan their kiddo's first birthday way in advance. Well, not only first birthdays... many other birthdays thereafter as well.

We were no different.

I blogged about this many times, where planning started more than 2 months ago.

Then the unexpected happened. J came down with HFMD just 2 days before the party. Everything came to a halt, and we had to scramble to ensure what's been ordered were either cancelled with the least penalty, or that they found themselves better places to go to:
- Food catered was sent to a Home for the Aged. I think this was the best decision we made during this episode. Just a simple treat made the day of many Ah-Gongs and Ah-Pors. It made our day as well amidst trying to baby-handle the sick and fussy J. 
- Postponed the yummilicious cake. We ordered the birthday cake from Missus BonBon, and specified that we wanted a jungle safari theme, to the colours of my blog. Not the usual colours for a safari, hence it would be pretty hard to …

#1 - The week in pictures

Took a day off the public holiday (which also happened to be my 33rd Birthday) to make the weekend an extra long one.

Started the long weekend spending time with Hwa. We lounged by the pool and went for a good dim sum... simply just spending quality time together. Something we have not done for a long time.

We had a blast with the kiddo at the zoo and the mini celebration at home, although I have to admit I was disappointed that many peops dropped out of the party.

Felt left out of sorts... but as I spent time in the company of my family and bestie, I could not be more thankful for the precious folks in my life.

On 24 May...we decided to be spontaneous and take a trip down to the Zoo! J's first time. :) I was excited to engage him with the sights and sounds of the Zoo. 

Time out with the family!

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Let the baking begin - Fluffly Butter Cake

It's been a long time since I baked. Just when I thought I should start again, the oven at our old house broke down. So, I am thankful that I have a brand new swanky one at my new abode.

It was a saturday night and J was in bed pretty early. So I thought why not satisfy late night craving for cake by baking some myself.

So, I dug through my kitchen  and found the following:
- Caster sugar (150g)
- All purpose flour (200g)
- Margarine (3 Tbsp)
- Eggs (3)
- Milk (2/3 cup)
- Baking powder (1tsp)

Mixed and sieve the dry ingredients, introduce the wet ingredients, mix well at low speed at first , then medium speed for 2 minutes. Pop them all into the oven at 180 degrees celsius.... and 45min later...Tadah..a CAKE!

Due to the long hiatus from baking .... the end product was somewhat not picture perfect... but it tasted yummy no less.

I feel the urge to bake more in time to come! So watch this space for some of my recipes to share.

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To-do List For The Coming Months

With the craziness behind us... the hfmd episode x2, the house move and the launch of a major campaign at work, i am attempting to relive new year by making some "resolutions". Or rather to make a list of what I want to achieve in the next few months.

 1) Focus on the blog 
This space has been my enclave for about 7 years now. Those who have been faithfully following me will realise that this space used to be a place for my meaningless mumblings about daily grouses more than anything else. This has slowly evolved to me talking more about mum things and other experiences I wanna share.

 So, I have planned something for this space to make it more meaningful for my readers as I believe changes can only be for the better yah? Well... so do stay tuned.

 2) Taking J out more often
As we got busy with renovation planning and house moving, we deprived J of many weekends of time outside of the house. There are many places I want to bring the little one such as the zoo, the beach and t…

Happy 1st Birthday My Son

Dear Jonas,

12 months ago, you popped into my life and turned it pretty much upside down. I never knew that I was able to make it through each day on only about 3 to 4 hours sleep.

I also did not know that I could go through extreme emotions, from happy, to angry, to sad and back to happy again in a matter of minutes. I miss the times where I was able to have lunch at a leisurely pace... spend hours in a spa...sit in a cafe just watching the day go by. I get envious when I see friends who are single or sans kids be able to care freely travel to interesting destinations over an extended period. Coming to terms with all the changes and at the same time adapting to them was perhaps the biggest challenges thrown at me thus far.

Despite all these, you have taught me patience.

Patience that I forgot I had when life and work got the better of me.

You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love where reprimands are always met with smelly hugs, silly grins and wet kisses.

You taught me to…

Dealing with HFMD

Today was meant to be the party we have been planning and waiting for... J's first year Jungle Safari Bash.
Unfortunately, J caught HFMD from a new kid in school and is having full blown blisters. He is ultra fussy, does want to eat or drink except for water. He wakes from his sleep every hour screaming from the pain in his mouth.
I don't deny that i was quite angry with that carrier kid for spoiling what might have been a happy day for J, and for putting us through the last minute changes. Yes... all the food  and other stuff for the party cannot be cancelled, if you were wondering. But I also know that poor baby must be in great pain... so i take my words back. I just hope all the babies in school (which is my knowledge stands at 3 now) get well soon.
From what we see from J, HFMD usually peaks at around day 4. Day one being the day he got infected. As the incubation period is usually 3 to 7 days, J probablly got it on Monday but symptoms only started to show on Day 4. W…

Good bye to our first home

Next week this time, we would have moved to our new nest.

The decision to move was a strategic one, and for the long term good of the family. However, as I pack our belongings into boxes, seeing how we are slowly emptying the house, I cannot help but feel a wee bit sad. Whatever it is, this is where we had our many firsts.

Thank you for what you have provided us in the past 7 years. You will be remembered and missed.

Penang - Kebaya Restaurant at Seven Terraces

Last weekend, I joined my lovely colleagues in Penang for a company offsite. 
I almost gave this trip a miss as J was down with fever and flu few days prior. Somehow, I decided on a compromise of going only for a night instead of 2... which was a fortunate thing, else I may have missed out on what I thought was my best meal in 2013 thus far. 
The Kebaya Restaurant  is part of the Seven Terraces, a boutique hotel set in a row of refurbished Peranakan terrace houses, in the heart of Penang's World Heritage site. 
Walking through doors was akin to stepping back into the time of the "Little Nonya", and having spent 4 years of my life in a Peranakan school, being in this space was like going back in time. 
The restaurant serves up 4-course Peranakan set meals of your choice, quite like all western fare with an appetiser, followed by your mains of one protein and one greens, ending with a dessert. You will notice their food comes with hints of influence from Thailand, Vietnam…