Interesting Birthday Party Venues

Jonas will be turning one in a month's 2 weeks' time. Preparations for it started 2 months before, partly because we are also in the midst of prepping for our big move.

I need to ensure I have enough time to properly plan the party amidst the busy period at work and the endless packing at home.

Before we decided to have the party at our new place (thank God we can make it in time), we researched and got quotations from many other external venues.

So, I thought why not share some of the unique places we explored which will make any party a fun and interesting one.

Something to think about when you plan your next party:

I love to sing. So when I saw that they had kids' party packages, I thought why not!

Well, of course, there were some people who thought that it is not an appropriate place for a kid's party. But, seriously...KBox ain't sleazy if that is what they're thinking.

The events folks at KBox were very responsive. My queries were all very promptly replied to, and what I liked most is they provide a one stop shop type of service where we can customize the extras we wanted.

The private rooms not only allows for guests to sing to their hearts content, those who prefer a game on the xbox will find something to pass their time too.

I picked a tea menu, with caricature drawing and full balloon decorations and the cost came to be around the range of $1300 for about 30 people.

Not bad at all, and this would have been my choice should we have not gone with having the party at home.

You can check where they are located on their website(s) and my personal favorite would be K-suites at Orchard Parade hotel.


The Mint Museum
Given the theme of this museum, and the interesting exhibitions they hold, this makes a good opportunity for an outing for your guests attending your party. They allow private functions at their restaurant, which can hold a maximum of 35 guests, giving a rather cozy feel.

 If you prefer the outdoors, their rooftop bar - Mr Punch would be ideal. They shared two different menus where I thought the cheaper one of about $35 is rather reasonable especially when the flow of drinks is not your usual cordials but soft drinks off the tap. I can so imagine how pretty the place will be if I had blue and green balloons all over!

Epilogue Cafe (Updated 15 April 2014. The cafe has closed). 

The cafe within a bookstore, right smack in the middle of town is a pretty nice place for an intimate get together. Their function area resembles that of the school library in the western part of the world, with heavy oak like shelves and furniture. This is also a spot I like when I choose to be away from the office gang.. for some much desired me time.

The clean space would be so easy to prettify with metallic balloons and all. Their package is well within budget, although I am not sure how appropriate it is for a 1 year old birthday as it seems we may be disrupting the peace with screaming kids.   A girlie gathering perhaps?

Keppel Club
The only reason why this caught my interest is how pretty Belayer Terrace in the club can look, and what more for guests to enjoy the cool sea breeze and calming view. I also asked for a tea menu where a price of about $35 per person gives us 16 items. Quite ok I would say.

However, there is no shuttle service to bring people to the club , which could really be a deterrent for invited guests to turn up. So... as much as I was in love with the place, we decided against it.

The Fabulous Baker Boy 
I was attracted to the unique venue of this joint that serves up super nice cakes and coffee. I know this not because I have been there... but because my brother knows the owner and has good things to say. But, the cost for a private party as quoted was quite hefty given what they included in their menu...not quite what I was looking for.

What I do think is good to consider if you are planning your kiddo's first birthday party are their cakes. Just look at those fabulous designs! Well.... you could also just visit the cafe to enjoy a slow weekend. Great place to just chill with your loved ones .

I hope these will give you some inspiration on the venue for your next party! If you do choose any of the above, perhaps you can share your experience here?

Anyway... here's a sneak peak into what we have been planning for J's 1st birthday party....Can you guess what's the theme? Did this a part of his banner.... but looking at my schedule from now till his birthday, I seriously don't think I can complete this.

Credit: Thanks to my buddy for helping me get quotations from all these venues and many many others ... thanks for the love Vic!