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Interesting Birthday Party Venues

Jonas will be turning one in a month's  2 weeks' time. Preparations for it started 2 months before, partly because we are also in the midst of prepping for our big move. I need to ensure I have enough time to properly plan the party amidst the busy period at work and the endless packing at home. Before we decided to have the party at our new place (thank God we can make it in time), we researched and got quotations from many other external venues. So, I thought why not share some of the unique places we explored which will make any party a fun and interesting one. Something to think about when you plan your next party: KBox   I love to sing. So when I saw that they had kids' party packages, I thought why not! Well, of course, there were some people who thought that it is not an appropriate place for a kid's party. But, seriously...KBox ain't sleazy if that is what they're thinking. The events folks at KBox were very responsive. My queries were a

Learning to let go

There were many instances in my 32 years that have got me wondering why life couldn't be smoother or fairer. Growing up was tough. We were not well off hence everything I wanted had to come with a price. When faced with adverse situations, I often am able to find my way out of it, of course not without some hard work. I guess that shaped me to be who I am today. A perfectionist in my own right. All that I put my heart to do, had to be executed to if it is flawlessly too. I sound like a nazi, and the truth is I am.. and still is (to a certain extent). Then came my quest to be a parent , and the hiccups encountered along the way made me realize that sometimes, it is best to leave things in the hands of God and let him lead the way. There is no perfection without faith. We got married in 2006. I was 26, he was 27. We spent a good deal of money on the wedding & the house so having kids was the last thing on our minds. Moreover, I often told myself that I sti