Kidz Amaze - SAFRA Toa Payoh

Since J learnt to crawl, I have been meaning to bring him to an infant/toddler play gym. Oh well... I procrastinated till last Saturday.

We went to Kidz Amaze @ SAFRA Toa Payoh really to check out their party rooms. YES! J is turning 1 in less than 2 months. After much deliberation, we decided to have a party for him since his 1st month party was a very low-key affair.

Unfortunately, the rooms are fully booked for the weekend before his birthday, so it was back to the drawing board for us.

Since we were already there, we thought might as well let him have his first adventure at an indoor playground.

Kidz Amaze is SAFRA's unique indoor playground, that first landed at their Jurong clubhouse some years back. 2007 if my memory did not fail me. Highly popular with older kids (or so I assume looking at the crowd there) and I can see why. The latest outlet at SAFRAToa Payoh spreads around 12,700 square feet and features a unique scavenger hunt attraction where kids and their parents can explore 3 custom themed zones in search of the tangram puzzle pieces which will educate the little ones about the world we live it. Unfortunately, I was too busy checking out the party rooms, and had (once again) forgotten to take pictures of this massive playground.

Well, as J is still too young to be at the playground, we headed to the infant/toddler section which is really a seperate room with miniature slides to the theme of a forest as well as a play area with stations for the kid to crawl or run around.

We placed J on to floor encouraging him to explore the place on his own. He was apprehensive at first. Hence,  sat by himself for sussing out his surroundings. Slowly, but surely, he found his way to the ball pit.

J doing his leopard crawl towards the ball pit
Attempting to crawl into the ball pit while Papee looks one

Fascinated by the ball pit

J spent a considerable amount of time with the balls, before he tried to make his way around the play area.

The mini obstacle course was more than enough to keep the little one occupied for about 30 minute before he got bored and wanted to be carried.

I suppose if he was there with other kids on a play date, he could probably be kept occupied for more than half an hour?

For a start, I think he pretty much enjoyed the balls, and the ability to move around without us hovering around him and would be happy to be back anytime. I , however, will not be back until he is old enough to be at the main play zone.

Definitely a place worth the visit especially for first time playgym babies as there are not many toddlers around, allowing plenty of play space for your young one. Not cheap though, given other places I know do not charge for babies under 18 months old.

Beyond the ball pit and gym is a mini playground with slides and all
Here are the entrance fees to Kidz Amaze's toddler PlayHouse (source:

(Infant and Toddler PlayHouse)
(0 ~ 36 months old) 
(Excluding PH & Sch Holidays)
SAT, SUN, PH & SCH HOLIDAYS$10.70/Entry$12.85/Entry$16.50/Entry

Are there any play gyms that you highly recommend for a 10 month old baby who is full of energy? Do share them with me here! 

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