Keeping my sanity


9 months into my lifelong career as a mommy has certainly changed the way I view things. It isn't the easiest of jobs, much less glamourous, although some yummy mummy down the street with perfectly set hair and flawless complexion may beg to differ. Oh well.... only if!

Keeping a full time job adds to the pressures of being that perfect mummy, or at least the mummy I want to be. One can expect the frustrations to sometimes reach a high, when in normal (non-mummy) circumstance would have found me spitting fire at anyone that came too close. 

These days, the wonders of motherhood has somewhat changed the way I handle difficult situations. It does come with some daily rituals. Here's how i keep myself sane each day juggling work, boy (boys if you count the man), home, parents ( and the in-law) and not forgetting the hobby. And, these are  key to ensure I don't go home grumpy and all, lest I spoil the evening with the boys.

1) Drink Up
I always make sure I am well hydrated. It is easy to forget your fluids during a busy day. But getting sufficient water each day can help prevent panic that results from stress.

2) Breathe Well
Taking deep breaths helps bring oxygen to the brains. Hence, it fuels the brains and enables me to clear my mind when i feel the  urge to lash out at someone.

3) Me time
Pressures from work often get to me. I really should not put too much stress on myself, but it is a function of who I am. Still don't know if that is good or bad.

When things gets a bit too much to take, I will sneak off to lunch at some quiet corner . Just to be alone, and away from sources of stress. It can be to have my favourite coffee, simply stoning. Or, to catch up on my online readings... or just to flip through some frivolous magazines. It does help to purge out negative energy in some way.

4) Aromatherapy
We all have heard the wonders of essential oils. It is only recently that I discovered how it really helps just by sniffing them. I carry me a bottle of oil everyday which  is a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, kaffir lime, lemongrass, spearmint and rosemary. And, it is most aptly called "Calm Down"  Just a dab on your temples can help keep that unsettled nerves in check.

5) Pray
This is self explanatory. I am not a staunch Christian. I cannot remember when was the last time I have been to church, much less read the Bible. But, I know I always seek guidance from Him, and talk to Him when I don't feel like speaking with anyone. And like any chat you have with a really good friend, I come out feeling calmer and happier.

How about you... do you have your daily keep calm ritual? What do you do to keep your sanity when the going gets tough?

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