An outlet away from daily routine

Some close knit friends and colleagues know me as the person who can make jewellery. Not a widely known fact by many, but at the moment I like it the way it is.

How it started

In 2009, I told my husband that I wanted to start my own online shop. Selling what, I didn't know. So, we took a trip to Bangkok, hit the wholesale market and came back with stuff. Literally S-T-U-F-F... everything and anything that we thought we could sell. As a marketer, on hindsight, what I did back then was a joke. No strategy, no goals... don't even know what we were selling.

It was the point in my life where I needed something to keep me busy when I am not at work. The man had his x-box which he didn't seem tired of till this day. I had my dramas, but that wasn't enough. And of course, this was the time when we were actively trying to conceive to no avail.

The website started.. and it is a full fledged e-commerce one no less. Thanks to the man for patiently and meticulously setting it up. It did not last long. Firstly because I couldn't sell anything. Secondly, because I was lazy. Ah well... i suppose the second is the reason for the first if you are wondering.  I hated updating it if you know what I mean. It is so tedious using all those eCommerce CMS mambo jumbo.

Amidst all the feeling around in the dark, I picked up simple beading and wire work. Made a few pieces of jewellery here and there, then friends started requesting for customised pieces.... and the rest was history.

Making jewellery was very much a hobby when I started. I personally found it hard to find nice yet affordable accessories to go with my daily outfits. And, seeing colleagues wearing the same old accessory day in day out made me realise I am not alone.

So there you go! UrbanNook was birthed.

When I eventually got pregnant, I stopped beading and only re-started second part of last year. There are times when I feel like giving the hobby up as I often have to prioritise the boy above all else. This also means my turnaround time for certain custom orders is longer.

Thankfully, despite all these, my customers have all been very understanding and that's what keeps me going. Hopefully, one day, I can do more for this little hobby turned business of mine. In the meantime, I am enjoying working full time and UrbanNook keeps my mind off the daily chaos I go through at work.

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