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I did not make any New Year's resolutions this year. Not because I do not believe in them, but it does not work very well for me every single year. However, what I am attempting to do is to work on things that matter most to me.

So, for a start, I made J the promise that I will try to spend more quality time with him.

J will be turning 9 months old in a week's time. About two months back, as I watch him play, I realised how much I have missed out on his development. The daily routine of leaving him at the IFC, picking him up 30 minutes short of 7pm, leaves me very little time to interact with him. I am not sure... but with this, he perhaps defines "mummy" as someone who feeds, bathes and puts him to bed. That can be quite sad...or am I expecting too much?

As I write this, I am already in the midst of making some major changes in our lives. I left the job which I thought I would be comfortable in for the next couple of years, for one that would give me the flexibility to spend a little bit more time for J.  Albeit it is only about an hour more each day, I could squeeze in an evening walk... telling him about the birds... about the cats in the neighbourhood....see the trees & the flowers etc. Simply having that quality mother & son time with him.

Dear Jonas, 

Mummy wants you to know that you mean the world to me. While I would love to stay at home with you all day, quitting my job is not an option at this point. But mummy is willing to make changes to my own lifestyle so we can grow together. Mummy loves you! 


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  1. It's a very understand move, as time is so precious especially for us working moms. Hope it all works out better for you. Thanks for linking up too :)

    1. Thanks Susan!it is admittedly not easy. Still struggling a little... but will press on.


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