Bangkok 2012 (Part 2)

Here's the second instalment on our family trip to Bangkok. You can find part 1 here.

Yes! I know... I don't do very well in writing entries on my travels. I am still trying though. 

Bangkok is seldom a choice destination amongst people with babies. Other than not being the cleanest of placest, it is often too crowded to be pushing a baby around. The pavements are bumpy, and there are limited escalators up and down the BTS stations. That makes Bangkok not very stroller friendly. There are also not many activities for the little one... as it is more of a shopping, massage & eating paradise.

To be honest, I was worried about the above as well. But, since J is probably still oblivious to which country we are holidaying in, and what really mattered was for us to spend some time together (plus get the Hubz clothes tailored)... we went with it anyway.

The treatment
What greeted us at the arrival hall of the Bangkok airport came as a pleasant surprise. With J and his stroller in sight, we were directed to the priority queue which allowed us to clear immigration faster than most. Nice touch for families with babies and/or elderly. The same treatment was given when we were flying out. .. we even had a different customs queue. So we did not need to wait too long in line while having our bags checked. So, when in Bangkok, do ask around for the priority queue if you have kiddies in tow.

The Food
A trip to the land of smiles will not be complete without savouring their local fare. I will always need my tom yum goong fix. The clear ones are always hard to find in Singapore, and even when we find one, they usually don't taste as good.

An interesting restuarant at Terminal 21 - Reflections,  served up authentic and yummy local food. Their tom yum goong was full of flavour. While spicy, it did not leave a sweet after taste like many others. Look at the clear broth which looks so harmless, yet each sip was bursting with the rich fragrance of the spices used. Had this on our first night, and made me look forward to more.

Reflections is on 4F of Terminal 21.  Oh... and if you take a good look at the decor of the restuarant, they are whimsically quirky. Strong use of primary colours, and heavily recycled.

The interesting decor of a laundry basket lamp shade
Reflections  @ Terminal 21
The awesome tom yum goong

The other yummy dishes we had

The Shopping

My favourite shopping places in the Land of Smiles would definitely be The Platinum Mall & Chatuchak Market. However, we skipped them this time and staked out mostly at MBK, Siam Paragon and Terminal 21. We tried to avoid wherever that's deemed to be too crowded. However, we made a mental note to visit Chinatown and Asiatique as we have never been there before. In fact I was looking forward to visiting Asiatique after friends raved at the unique designer items that can be found there. Unfortunately, after queuing at the chaotic ferry terminal for half and hour, we decided to turn back as we figured by the time we got there, not only would J be exhausted, we would be too frustrated to enjoy ourselves. So a piece of advice.... try to arrive at the ferry terminal about 4.30pm. Getting there would be  breeze. Arrive at 5pm   chaos is abound. 
J in his $8 CNY do. 

Chinatown was interesting. All the little sois had shops selling baby shoes, clothes & bags at wholesale prices and it is no wonder many people say they get their stock from Thailand to sell on their blopshops. My best buys would be J's CNY outfit. The same outfit cost a whooping $26 at a pushcard in Singapore, when I only paid $8. Then, there's kids toys! I got J a wooden trailer toy that trains his hand eye coordination at $6! I don't think we can find anything of the same price in Singapore. If I had extra luggage space, I would have bought more!
This costs me only $6!

The Tailor
We have used a number of tailors in Bangkok, and in recent years settled for Boss Avenue right where you alight from the Nana BTS station. Boss Avenue is run by a young man by the name of Dave, of Sikh heritage (I think!) . Each time we make stuff with him, he has never once failed us. We have even tried to place orders via email, and the clothes reached us here in Singapore safe and in tact, although the wait can be quite long.

One thing we learnt was that factories which support these tailors close a week before the  New Year. This means, they will  not be able to turn around your orders in 2 days like they usually could. Good thing for us was, Dave offered to send the shirts to us at no cost because we have been a  regular customer. Kudos to him for being so accommodating.

My humble recommendation
Visiting Bangkok with a baby in tow was not all that scary. While I did not go crazy shopping like I used to, the time away from work, and hectic Singapore was very much welcome. No chores. No bosses. Just us.

With the warm hospitality of the Thais, no bumpy roads should be a hindrance to visiting the country with your baby. To ensure your baby is kept safe and remains happy throughout the trip, do ensure you don't use water from the taps , even if you have boiled it. With their tender tummies, it is best of buy bottles of distilled water boil them to prepare any food. Also, bring enough toys to keep them occupied to minimise the screaming and shouting in public. :)

P.S. This post is slightly short of pictures... :p


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