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Bangkok 2012 (Part 2)

Here's the second instalment on our family trip to Bangkok. You can find part 1 here . Yes! I know... I don't do very well in writing entries on my travels. I am still trying though.  Bangkok is seldom a choice destination amongst people with babies. Other than not being the cleanest of placest, it is often too crowded to be pushing a baby around. The pavements are bumpy, and there are limited escalators up and down the BTS stations. That makes Bangkok not very stroller friendly. There are also not many activities for the little one... as it is more of a shopping, massage & eating paradise. To be honest, I was worried about the above as well. But, since J is probably still oblivious to which country we are holidaying in, and what really mattered was for us to spend some time together (plus get the Hubz clothes tailored)... we went with it anyway. The treatment What greeted us at the arrival hall of the Bangkok airport came as a pleasant surprise. With J and hi

Giving you more of my time - Motivational Mondays

I did not make any New Year's resolutions this year. Not because I do not believe in them, but it does not work very well for me every single year. However, what I am attempting to do is to work on things that matter most to me. So, for a start, I made J the promise that I will try to spend more quality time with him. J will be turning 9 months old in a week's time. About two months back, as I watch him play, I realised how much I have missed out on his development. The daily routine of leaving him at the IFC, picking him up 30 minutes short of 7pm, leaves me very little time to interact with him. I am not sure... but with this, he perhaps defines "mummy" as someone who feeds, bathes and puts him to bed. That can be quite sad...or am I expecting too much? As I write this, I am already in the midst of making some major changes in our lives. I left the job which I thought I would be comfortable in for the next couple of years, for one that would give me the flexib