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What's in my diaper bag...

Many friends and family members who have helped me carry my diaper bag before often say the same thing to me..."WAH! Why so heavy?!" I do admit my diaper bag is huge, and it is definitely not on the light side. Blame it on my kiasu-ness... rather than end up not having what I need when I need... it's best to just bring everything! Well... here's a peek into what's in my diaper bag, and I let you be the judge if I am bringing too much! My trusty MamaRoo Diaper bag. No zips to allow for easy access to things while on the go. I changed many bags before settling for MamaRoo. The size is just right for what I need to bring, and it does look quite chic to carry around! Well... to be honest, I feel I am running out of space... so perhaps that gives me excuse to look for a new bag.. (again?!... I hear the man exclaim.) of the essentials.  Diapers One thing I will never leave home without would be Burger boy's diapers, even if I am only g

Smile and the world smiles with you

Jan 2013 has not even ended, and I am feeling super super low. While I always try to be positive, today is one of those days I just want to drop the load that’s weighing on my shoulders out of the windows. One of those days where I just want to squat in the shower and cry out loud. Despite all things that gets me down, one thing that always never fails to make my day is this Cheeky Chubbs! …and then I remind myself whatever I am doing now is for him…and then I start to smile again.  Linking up with: 

Bangkok 2012 (Part 1) - Our first family trip

Before 2012 ended, we took a short trip to Bangkok with Burger Boy. What better way to end a really fulfilling year than spending quality time as a family (actually .. quality time shopping for me! ;p ). This was Burger Boy's first time on a plane, and 30 minutes upon boarding the plane, I was seriously on the verge of calling off the trip! Well... I had an energizer bunny on board...and Burger Boy's non-stop bouncing and babbling wasn't what we were expecting. We thought it was going to be more like.. board plane, drink milk at take off, and sleep for 2 hours.... who was I trying to kid?! Anyway...the trip ended very well, and our struggles with Burger on the flight there were soon forgotten. Here's how it went: 1. The journey In my usual cool fashion, I wasn't overly worried that Burger Boy would have any issues with ear pressure, and he would do just fine. Maybe in this case.. TOO fine...So much so that he went on and on and on and on for 2 hours... tak

Hello 2013!

Yes! We are back from our first family holiday unscathed, bade 2012 farewell... and are raring to go for a hopefully fantastic 2013! More on our holiday in another post. For now, I just want to reflect on some of the joys that 2012 has brought me.  1. We welcomed our first born. We waited a long time for him, and he was more than we can ask for. 2. Our families were not only blessed with the arrival of Jonas. But Jonas' paternal and maternal cousins both followed shortly after. :) 3. I have been able to revive UrbanNook again! I have been making jewellery for UrbanNook on and off, and of course being a FTWM now makes it more difficult to find time for this interest. Hence, to be able to complete all orders for Christmas, on top of my day job and as a mother 24/7... I am certainly quite pleased with myself. More jobs for UrbanNook in the new year, and I can't wait!  4. I am thankful to have found a group of Mummies, the SMB . While, admittedly, I have n