Thankful Today: 1 to 12 Dec

The past two weeks was hectic.
  • We welcomed Burger Boy's paternal AND maternal cousins with lots of helping out both sides.
  • Work seems to be picking up instead of tapering off. Who says year end is a lull period! 
  • And, i was rushing out Christmas orders for UrbanNook. Lots to do, but I would say extremely fulfilling.
On that note, I am  joining Mummy J on her "Thankful Today" photo linky, albeit a little late. Better than never I guess.

While we countdown to Christmas, it is always nice to count the little blessings in our lives...and I know I have many to be thankful for. So here's (some of) the pics:

1Dec - Beginning
Today, my niece Baby I is born,  about a month early. So on this day, I am grateful that Baby I is healthy and well, and am looking forward to the endless playtime Burger boy will have with her.

2 Dec - Clean 
My favourite sanitizer.... lavender smelling. Helps keeps the germs at bay!

3 Dec -Read
My early attempts at introducing reading to Burger boy. Not much of a success here....but it will be soon that he can start reading.

5 Dec - Smile
The smile that brings a smile to my face after each long day at work.

9 Dec - Family
Always thankful for my mum, always loving me and the boy. Always being there. Nothing like my own family.

12 Dec - Growth
Burger boy has come a long way to be such a big boy. Recalling how he was close to being non-existent to today a 6 month old weighing like a one year old. I am thankful for Jonas becoming part of my life after many tries and growing to be the healthy, happy and extremely cheeky baby he is today.

With another 2 weeks to go before we bid 2012 farewell, let's not forget to give thanks to all who have made some difference in our lives, no matter big or small. 

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