Who wins in weaning?

Burger boy turned 6 months old last week and so begins his journey with solids.

Well... to be more precise, I started to let him try solids when he was slightly over 5 months just because he always looked so excited and interested when he watches us at mealtimes. So at a week before he turned 6 months, he is already able to have 1 full meal of rice cereal. He sure has a passion for eating.

To date....the only thing he does not like is papayas.. but then, we only tried that on him once.

Then, when we started to mix his food,  our royal fussiness and his antics started to show. While he loves food (or so i choose to think), he is really picky in the way we feed him.

Here's what happened in week one...

1) Mummy prepares rice cereal and mix in a veg puree
2) Burger Boy takes his first couple of spoons and suddenly lets out a wail. Yes... he wails!
3) Mummy tries to calm him down to no avail. Stuffs a bottle of water in his mouth.... Burger Boy stops wailing (only momentarily) .
4) Mummy attempts to continue feeding.
5) Burger Boy eagerly receives the spoon... only to start wailing again!
6) Mummy checks on temperature of cereal. Nope! Not hot... No hot spots!
7) Repeats 4 & 5 a few more times, Mummy finally gives up and stuffs a bottle of milk into Burger Boy's mouth.

Score: BOY 1 / MUMMY 0 

Then, one fine day, we tried to put his cereal and vegetable puree into seperate bowls and fed Burger Boy one spoon cereal; one spoon carrots.... guess what?! He finished everything! If he could take the bowl in his hands, I am so sure he will lick up what's left.

So... we thought..."Great! We figured out how's he liking his food"... although I was secretly rolling my eyes. He certainly brought a new meaning to fussiness in this house!

Just when we were so pleased that Burger Boy is feeding well despite needing to always prepare two seperate bowls... this prince of ours decides to show us once more who's the  boss!

Here's what happened this week:

1) Mummy rushes home to fetch Burger Boy home.
2) Mummy plays with Burger Boy for a while before proceeding to prepare his dinner.
3) Burger Boy entertains himself with his toys.
4) 20 minutes later ( but 30 minutes before his feeding time) he starts to "call" out to Mummy.
5) Mummy comes out with a TRAY.... complete with his 2 bowls of food and a bottle of water, all properly cooled, ready to be served.
6) Burger Boy decides to throw a tantrum and wail after every spoon just because Mummy took too long.
7) Mummy gives up, got up, made a bottle of milk, and once again...stuffs into the Prince's mouth.
8) PEACE! Until... he finishes his milk... and started asking for his cereal & veg... this time with a chuckle after every spoon!

Score: BOY 2 / MUMMY 0

Dear Son..

Fine! You win! Mummy is too tired to put up a fight. But.... there will be many more battles to come... and Mummy will not always lose. So, bring it on! 

That's my first weaning experience with my precious. How about you? What's your story like?

"Bleah! I WIN!" 

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  1. Heh heh! I forgot about my weaning battles with the boys too! Always messy and gooey. :P But the food battle continues even though my oldest is almost 5 now, so for you, take heart in that you might have lost the battle, but the war is still up for grabs! :P

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for dropping in! :) Boys! I can so imagine it can only get worse! Hahahah! And I so suspect, I will give in to him all the time just so we can get over and done it with.


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