Taking stock

As we approach year end, it's a good time to slow down and take stock of what the year has brought, and also to look forward to what the following year may bring.

2 years ago, I left my job in hope of a more balanced life so I can achieve a few things that I wanted. I cannot quite remember the whole laundry list of reasons I gave for choosing the "greener pasture", but there were 2 things that were clearly on my mine at that time. They were:

1) To be less stressed so I can conceive
2) To be able to spend time outside of work to pursue my interest in jewellery making

2 years on, I can proudly strike the first one off the list. That story should be familiar to all of you so I shall not bore you with more details.

As for the latter, I made tiny steps along the way, learning and honing my skills a bit at a time, but it always took a backseat to my other priorities. However, looking back on how I even started jewellery making, I think I have come a long way.

From starting an online shop selling fashion accessories, to learning how to make simple jewellery, to today being able to transform gemstones into artisan pieces, I think I am making good progress, although sometimes I wished I could do more.

I am now picking up my tools again, hoping that this tiny step will inch me forward in my interest. Like all things in life, we cannot have everything. Much less do everything, unless we have 48 hours a day! So while UrbanNook is up and running once again, it does come with a some sacrifices, such as precious sleep, and all these done on top of my day job, and in between feeding, playing & diapering my Burger Boy.

I will definitely need a little boost now and then to motivate me to do the things I love. So a little nudge will be most welcome! I will be very happy to give any of you little nudges now and then too!

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