Taipei - CityInn III (Taipei Main Station)

As mentioned before...I am really bad with this travel blogging thing. This should have been completed since September.... oh well!

The 3rd branch of this boutique hotel chain in Taipei is only 5 minutes from Taipei Main Station by foot.  It's white and orange exterior which glows very vibrantly at night is quite hard to miss.

As you enter their doors into the lobby, you will feel the same vibrancy as their exterior.

Exterior of CityInn III by night

The interesting room doors that has a different theme on each floor
2 things I like about this hotel are:

1) Location, location, location!

As mentioned, it is less than 5 min away from Taipei Main station, which means we are in the centre of all the attractions around Taipei City. That also means that a great variety of food is close by with the a full floor of restaurants at Taipei Main Station.

Q-square is just round the corner, and I love the shopping here. This was where I bought my MummyRoo (Rootote) diaper bag. Lots to see, eat and do . And, of course, for Hwa & myself, staying close to the Taipei Station serves us very well since we can catch the HSR to Kaoshiung with little hassle.

If you are the type who likes shopping at party shops , you will like exploring the hotels surrounding area. There is shop after shop selling all types knick knacks you can put into party packs your little ones' birthday parties. There are also party costumes for sale plus a lot of retro toys!

Staying at CityInn III also means you are not very far away from some yummy egg tarts. The Egg Tart Workshop, which is famous for their ice cream egg tarts is just down the road, on the right side of the hotel.

Looking for more local delights? Ningxia Night market is just 15 min away, and walk towards Taipei Main Station, you will walk pass "Ba Fang Yun Ji".... a popular dumpling and guotie joint. Yummilicious curry dumplings and gyoza made their way to my tummy when I was feeling peckish one of the nights!

Mini portugese egg tarts from the Egg Tart Workshop

Curry gyoza and dumplings

"Simply Drink" (my translation of the brand) - Roasted Milk Tea. Best bottled milk tea I've had. 
2) Facilities

The hotel came with a pantry that's complete with a microwave, fridge, coffee machine and tea making facilities, made it very convenient for all guests to feel a home. There is also a laundry room , which I think is good if we travelled with Burger Boy... so we can ensure he has freshly washed clothes during his holiday.

Will I stay @ CityInn again?!

Yes! maybe the next time at Hsimenting and with a bigger room given we will have Burger Boy in tow for the next trip...

So that's what I have for you now on CityInn III. A simple yet functional place that made my holiday a lovely one.