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Who wins in weaning?

Burger boy turned 6 months old last week and so begins his journey with solids. Well... to be more precise, I started to let him try solids when he was slightly over 5 months just because he always looked so excited and interested when he watches us at mealtimes. So at a week before he turned 6 months, he is already able to have 1 full meal of rice cereal. He sure has a passion for eating. To date....the only thing he does not like is papayas.. but then, we only tried that on him once. Then, when we started to mix his food,  our royal fussiness and his antics started to show. While he loves food (or so i choose to think), he is really picky in the way we feed him. Here's what happened in week one... 1) Mummy prepares rice cereal and mix in a veg puree 2) Burger Boy takes his first couple of spoons and suddenly lets out a wail. Yes... he wails! 3) Mummy tries to calm him down to no avail. Stuffs a bottle of water in his mouth.... Burger Boy stops wailing (only momentaril

Taking stock

As we approach year end, it's a good time to slow down and take stock of what the year has brought, and also to look forward to what the following year may bring. 2 years ago, I left my job in hope of a more balanced life so I can achieve a few things that I wanted. I cannot quite remember the whole laundry list of reasons I gave for choosing the "greener pasture", but there were 2 things that were clearly on my mine at that time. They were: 1) To be less stressed so I can conceive 2) To be able to spend time outside of work to pursue my interest in jewellery making 2 years on, I can proudly strike the first one off the list. That story should be familiar to all of you so I shall not bore you with more details. As for the latter, I made tiny steps along the way, learning and honing my skills a bit at a time, but it always took a backseat to my other priorities. However, looking back on how I even started jewellery making, I think I have come a long way. From st

Taipei - CityInn III (Taipei Main Station)

As mentioned before...I am really bad with this travel blogging thing. This should have been completed since September.... oh well! The 3rd branch of this boutique hotel chain in Taipei is only 5 minutes from Taipei Main Station by foot.  It's white and orange exterior which glows very vibrantly at night is quite hard to miss. As you enter their doors into the lobby, you will feel the same vibrancy as their exterior. Exterior of CityInn III by night The interesting room doors that has a different theme on each floor 2 things I like about this hotel are: 1) Location, location, location! As mentioned, it is less than 5 min away from Taipei Main station, which means we are in the centre of all the attractions around Taipei City. That also means that a great variety of food is close by with the a full floor of restaurants at Taipei Main Station. Q-square is just round the corner, and I love the shopping here. This was where I bought my MummyRoo (Rootote) diaper b

UrbanNook is back!

Yes! We are back... once again!  We are finally, slowly and surely bouncing back after an almost 2 year hiatus. Other than spending a considerable amount of time in our day jobs and going off to have a beautiful baby boy...we have found time  in between feeding & diapering,  to bring everyone a little surprise here and there.  As a start... we are now spotting a new logo! Don't you think it's pretty?!