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Starting the week slow

After a long weekend which wasn't very restful, I thought I'd start the week a little slower by running through project documents that have been sitting in my inbox for quite a long time. Not such a brain intensive task for a really listless day. I also took some time to also allow my mind to wander.... To think about what I should do rest of this week so I can look forward to another weekend. Here's a link to share on what perked my up a little today: Have a great week ahead!

I'm a mom #02 - Banished heels

With a 8kg baby, there is a need for a greater sense of balance while I scurry around with him as an arm candy. With the same 8kg baby placed at an infant care, that also means I will need to rush from work everyday just to ensure he is picked up on time. So, being in my favourite peep-toe pumps slows me down considerably, which also means I have switched to wearing more flats just to go about my mommy duties. Most of you would know heels are one of my loves  . In fact, I used to feel if I am not in heels, I am really not working. Strangely, strudding around in them gives me more confidence to go about my work. Oh well! Some things just gotta give. But but but... that's not to say I absolutely don't wear them anymore. They are just banished to take a shelter under my desk. I have a strong feeling the collection there will be growing in time to come. And the positive of all these is... i get to shop for more flatties... adding more shoes to my already large collection

I am a Page of Pentacles

I think she is talking about me.... Sun Goddess Tarot: Tarot Pages - Messengers Of Inspiration : Understanding The Page When one picks a Page in a Tarot spread, it can infer to the personalities surrounding the querants. Often, the card... It is always nice to know how people see me as a person. A refreshing view as well.... I sure do hope I have the same tenacity as a mom.  Thanks Boss! a Brand New Week!!

After a lousy week of dealing with flu & migraine, as well as a flu-ey(& thus ultra fussy) baby, I am glad for a brand new week to work on what I have set out to do. Last week started with me having a bad sore throat that developed into flu. To top it up, my wisdom tooth gave me a week long migraine. It was really my body telling me that I needed to rest. It did not  help when Burger Boy had an allergy attack at the same time,  which came with cough, nasal congestion and rashes.  So dealing with these made me very exhuasted, and I took it out on the Hubz. I blamed him for not helping enough, for always leaving Burger Boy to me to care for. I even blamed him for making me fat with all those late night dinners he bought home.  Those mindless lashing at Hubz did not make me feel better especially when he tucked me into bed each night with a kiss. It make  me feel super lousy! And, whenever I see that cheeky smile on Burger Boy's face despite being unwell, made me guilty fo