My First Skool - Why Infantcare?

I promised to write on why we decided to send my precious Burger Boy to Infant care. Well, when I was pregnant, I was dead set on having my mum care for Burger Boy when I get back to work. I only trust her, and I like how she instilled discipline in bro & me.  Although we stay quite a distance from mum’s and we own a weekend car, I was dead sure that I can get up, send Burger Boy to mum’s and drive home before 7am every single day.

Grand plans don’t always fall into place nicely.  

After a month as a new mom, and super sleep deprived, I realized that every single second of sleep counts. Hence getting up at 5am (or even earlier)… whizzing Burger Boy to mum’s, whizzing back home, then commuting to office… and back again is not going to work. I’ll be a walking zombie. And, me, being the ultra possessive mom will not hear of being a weekend parent.

Hence a month before I was due back at work, Hwa and I decided that infant care was probably the best way to go.

I did feel unsure at first because like all mothers, I worry if Burger boy was able to adapt, will he cry like he does at home when he cannot seem to nap. Or, will he get the attention he requires since he does not like to nap. Or, what will the teachers do if he throws his tantrums when he refuses to feed. Worst… since he hates to burp… will they not bother to burp him. There’s also the fear that he may think we don’t love him and that's why we are sending him to school.  Woes of being a mother!!

Of course, while trying to deal with all these insecurities, we found ourselves with a queue number of 70, at not one but 2 different schools. The one school with a vacancy will cost us a whooping $1,000 a month after MCYS subsidy. And so we thought we will probably stick to our original plan while waiting for a place at the other 2 schools, although I was really not looking forward to the early mornings.

Lucky for us, 2 weeks before we had intended to start putting burger boy at an infant care, we got a call from My First Skool across my place to say a vacancy came up. Seriously... i have no idea how that even happened given I was told we were behind 70 parents .... Oh well... good for us anyway!

So... Burger Boy started "school" on 1st August. After his first 2 days, I realised my fears were unfounded. Burger Boy started taking regular naps...never had problems finishing his milk....made all his teachers happy with his sunny personality....and was generally a very well liked boy (at least that is what's been communicated to me). So... the decision to place him under professional care cannot be more appropriate. Having him away from me for most of the day, also made me more eager to be home with him after work. No matter how exhausted I am at work... i will without a doubt rush to pick him up so I can spend the evening cuddling him.

At this point, I would also like to point out that teachers at the Infantcare are amazing people... having to face 12 babies with very different temperaments, being so patient and loving to everyone of them is not easy feat. And, I think Burger Boy is indeed lucky to land himself 5 of such teachers... that's why he is such a happy boy.