Back in the groove

I am finally back in the groove of blogging.

One of the things I wanted to do more this year is to spend time on my blog. Although I started blogging since 2006, my time here has always been in short bursts, depending on whether I’ve got inspiration to write or not.

However, I have been feeling the need for an outlet more often now with the various pressures coming in all directions, whether from home, from work, or simply just myself pushing myself over the fence. So, this has consistently, and unwaveringly been a space for me to rant, vent & share.

Blogging also detaches me from what’s bothering me, a space to isolate myself and reflect. Hence, I have spent some time planning what to write for the next few weeks, and have promised myself to update this space at least once each week.

2 things I want to do more here are:

1) Start a series of posts that covers how I as a person have changed since becoming a mummy;

2) Spend a little bit more time on my jewellery making hobby.

So, let’s see how far I go on this.

See you in 24 hours time.