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I'm a mom! - #01

The first very noticeable thing , that's a huge tell tale sign that I am now is MOM is that extra piece of meat around the abdomen that never seems to go away :( While I made the resolution to exercise and eat less to lose that stubborn 7kg...nothing really changed. The 7kg is still here after 3 months. I think that's here to stay for a long time... and until I can find the time and commit to lose the bulge....I will have to live with people (still) giving up their seats for me in the train. One of the many gifts motherhood has presented to me. Welcome!

My First Skool - Why Infantcare?

I promised to write on why we decided to send my precious Burger Boy to Infant care. Well, when I was pregnant, I was dead set on having my mum care for Burger Boy when I get back to work. I only trust her, and I like how she instilled discipline in bro & me.  Although we stay quite a distance from mum’s and we own a weekend car, I was dead sure that I can get up, send Burger Boy to mum’s and drive home before 7am every single day. Grand plans don’t always fall into place nicely.   After a month as a new mom, and super sleep deprived, I realized that every single second of sleep counts. Hence getting up at 5am (or even earlier)… whizzing Burger Boy to mum’s, whizzing back home, then commuting to office… and back again is not going to work. I’ll be a walking zombie. And, me, being the ultra possessive mom will not hear of being a weekend parent. Hence a month before I was due back at work, Hwa and I decided that infant care was probably the best way to go.

Taiwan in 2 days

Ok.. I am definitely late in posting this update. Anyway, this is going to be a really long post, and if you are not keen to read my blow by blow update on my trip... then feel free to navigate elsewhere.  ------------------ Those who know me personally would know that Hwa attributes our success in the baby making area to prayers he made at Fo Guang Shan during our trip to Taiwan last year. So in the true Buddhist fashion, going back to the temple was a must to "return the favour". Ok... I may not be expressing this well enough, hence do forgive me if I am putting this across inaccurately. We had initially planned this visit to be in November, however brought it forward partly because Hwa was on his break before starting his new job, and also we figured that Jonas would find it easier to be apart from us at this age. Give him a few more months, we may be faced with a ballistic baby trying to deal with separation anxiety. Well...I was really the only person in the whol

Back in the groove

I am finally back in the groove of blogging. One of the things I wanted to do more this year is to spend time on my blog. Although I started blogging since 2006, my time here has always been in short bursts, depending on whether I’ve got inspiration to write or not. However, I have been feeling the need for an outlet more often now with the various pressures coming in all directions, whether from home, from work, or simply just myself pushing myself over the fence. So, this has consistently, and unwaveringly been a space for me to rant, vent & share. Blogging also detaches me from what’s bothering me, a space to isolate myself and reflect. Hence, I have spent some time planning what to write for the next few weeks, and have promised myself to update this space at least once each week. 2 things I want to do more here are: 1) Start a series of posts that covers how I as a person have changed since becoming a mummy; 2) Spend a little bit more time on my jewellery making h

A boy of character

Dear Jonas, You have grown so much over the past few weeks that Mummy is finding it hard to keep up with your development. You are a week to 4 months old now and you have achieved some amazing social milestones while lagging a little behind on your motor skills (or are you just being lazy?!). Here's how you have developed since Mummy's last letter to you: 8+ weeks - You are frowning less, and smiling more. Smiling on demand even, which melts my heart every single time. Mummy cannot quite remember when you first flashed your genuine smile, but guess that is not  important anymore. It matters more to see you happy each new day, and responding to my presence with that sweet smile of yours. You have also started to coo. You go "oooo" whenever I call out "Jo jo jo nas" to you. Such gentle sound is music to m Mummy's ears. Your physical growth also amazes everyone around you. You gained a hefty kilo just over 2 weeks, making you 6kg at  2 months. A