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Things are looking pretty good

Dropping in for a quick update on whats up with the burger family lest some of you think we have vanished from this space. :) The past one month has been busy busy busy. Lots of changes and adjustments (stressful too) but happy to say the least. Here's what we have been up to: Settling Jonas at infantcare - Well, yes. We decided just a month before I am due back to work that we want Jonas to be placed at a pre-school. We never planned this to start off with, but eventually felt it was the best for everyone. Of course we went through bouts of guilt. More on how we came to this decision in a later post . But all I can say is, this burger of mine is enjoying being in "school" , his teachers adore him, and he simply loves manipulating them! Settling myself back at work - I went back to work when Jonas turned 3 months old. It was I was bored to death at home, greatly in need of adult conversations...yet it pains me to be pulled away from that cute little thi