Saving (Jonas') face - California Baby Calendula Cream

Of all things, Jonas have to "inherit"  my ultra dry and sensitive skin.
As a kid, I remembered episodes where  mummy would bring me to the National Skin Care Centre(NSCC) for one condition or another. At one time, I had very bad peeling skin on my feet that I was not allowed to wear shoes, only sandals. So for a good few years, when girls of my age were starting to play dress up, I had to wear sandals with my pretty frocks. It was such a damper.
As I grew older, I had bad bouts of eczema on my hands, especially during my time in Australia. The condition gets worst when I am exposed to cleaning agents such as detegents etc.  Which probably means I am born to lead the life of a tai tai (I wish!).  Actually even now, my fingers have little blisters popping out of my very dry skin. I am pretty lucky that Hwa does not find my rough hands appalling, however do hope he gets the hint that I am supposed to not do dishes or laundry for him.
That aside, my poor baby had almost every possible skin condition a newborn could have. He started having heat rash at week 2. That went away pretty quickly with the application of some diaper rash cream. I didn't know diaper rash cream could be used elsewhere on the body.
Then came his baby acne at week 3 which made him look and smell like a grown-up. In fact... I thought father and son smelt the same (horror!) Just when I thought his acne was clearing, he started to develop cradle cap not only on his scalp, but also around his eyebrows. Which means to say, he did not look very "baby-like" since birth, ie. smooth and flawless skin etc. It does seem like all the money spent on my weekly birdnest soup during pregnancy went down the gutter.
Ok... when we thought we had experienced the worst... guess what?! Ezcema starting appearing on his two cute cheeks. At first, we thought it was milk rash which persistently wouldn't go away after a week. Good thing was we were due for his first vaccination and hence got the his PD (Dr H)  to have a look. Interestingly,  Dr H told us in the most "matter of fact-ly" manner.... "Aiyah... they (refering to milk rash, cradle cap and eczema) are all the same . It's ezcema at different parts of the body. We just call them different things!". Hwa and I looked at each other and went "hmmmmm...". Oh well... Dr H probably figured we did not quite believe him. Anyway... he's the expert, so we just went along. We were given Ezerra to apply on affected areas and was told to bath Jonas with Milderm.
2012-06-24 09.54.12.jpg
My poor baby's blotchy face

After a week, Jonas' cute cheeks were less inflamed, but still very blotchy and dry. Hence, we decided to take matters in our own hands. We seeked advice from " Google", and saw quite a few mummies recommending California Baby's Calendula Cream. Of course, there were also a handful who warned against using it as it made their precious' skin worse. We took the chance, and it was the right decision! After just 3 days of conscientiously applying it, Jonas' skin is almost back to baby smooth! However, while it says it is also for adults with sensitive skin... it actually did not work on the ezcema on my fingers. :( Oh well... you win some and you lose some. Whatever it is, loved it for what it has done for Jonas, and would sincerely recommend it to other mummies to try if they face the same skin problems as Jonas. I bought mine from Watsons... but I know there are some local web-shops that sell them cheaper. Just go google it... :)

Almost baby smooth after using the calendula cream

Now, whenever I see any dry spots popping up on Jonas, I will religiously apply the calendula cream on Jonas. Also, just to keep his skin moisturised all the time, I apply Sebamed's baby lotion on him after every bathe. Now... I have a happy baby... which makes me a happy mummy...

So, how do you deal with your baby's skin condition if any? Would love to hear from you!


  1. I swear by this and I even use this on Sophie whenever I see rashes on her. It's a lot more expensive when you purchase it from brick and mortar shops. I recalled joining the sprees on motherhood forums where it's probably 15- 20% cheaper.

    1. Yup! swearing it by now as well! I think agapebabies sell it close to 15% off what I found @ watsons. But the huge tub i bought is more than enough to last Jonas for the next year I guess! :)

  2. We're still at our fist tub :)


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