Our royal fussiness

I finally got down to writing my first letter to our precious boy. Thanks to all the other mummies who have religiously done this, inspiring me to start  my our own letters to document Jonas' development. So here goes for instalment 1.

Dear Jonas,
You turned 6 weeks old last weekend, and it was probably the longest 1.5 months for Papee & Mummy.
You gave Mummy such an easy time when you were in my tummy, and we thought that's going to continue when you arrive. We guess you are now having the last laugh while Papee and Mummy are still trying to suss you out.
At week 1, we thought you were the cutest thing on earth. Mummy had loads of energy and spent almost every waking hour just looking at you. We felt really thankful for you, the most amazing gift we have received in our marriage. You were so easy to care for. We hardly heard you cry... you waited to be fed, loved to bath and went to sleep as and when we wanted you to. Perfect, we thought!
Then came week 2 when you decided to  make us worry for a bit by holding back your poop for 3 days.  You got us calling the parentcraft centre, the hospital and all our mummy friends to find out if this was normal for a newborn. We contemplated sending you to the PD to check if you were having constipation. Then, at the height of our worry, you probably thought you had enough fun, and pooped 3 days worth of shit , soiling 6 diapers in an hour! What a night we had and we didn't know whether we should laugh or cry!
This episode was just the start of all the tricks you had up your sleeves.  You not only wanted to be fed every hour, you also refused to latch after doing such a fantastic job since you were born. Mummy had to then resort to pumping. Papee also went out to change the formula milk we were supplementing you with... thinking it was the culprit behind your "constipation".
As we enter week 3, you started to be more awake, and that's when your fussiness began to surface. You refused to be put on the bouncer, fuss after napping for 10 min on the sofa and refused to soothe yourself to sleep at night like you always do. So, mummy had to break her rule of never letting you have the pacifier by stuffing one into your mouth so she gets her moment of  peace.  Then we noticed that you began to develop baby acne all over your face.... began to get really gassy... and is inconsolable for over 2 days. At Ah-Mah's reminder that it could be the new formula milk... we switched you back to the first, and wala.... your acne slowly disappeared... and till today... no gassy problems.
Week 4 and 5 saw you using all the power you had in your lungs by screaming for everything! You scream for milk... scream when you are put down on the rocker....scream when you are get up in the morning.... scream when Mummy goes to the toilet and the list goes on. At this stage, Mummy was found guilty of screaming back at you when she could not get you to stop. Let's hope this sort of screaming match does not continue during your growing years.
Of course, while testing our patience, you also brought us much joy by lifting and turning your head from side to side during tummy time! (Yippee!!) This probably means we will be able to use your Lamaze tummy time toy soon! You were also able to follow objects by turning your head as we move them from your left to your right and back again.
Week 6 was so much better,  although this week you refused to nap in the day, but will stay in your rocker quietly while watching Mummy go about her chores. You also started to smile when Mummy chats with you. Best part was, you were starting to sleep about 5 to 6 hours at a shot in the evenings. Bliss for Mummy! You have strangely preferred to wake up on Papee & Mummy's bed in the mornings that you will find some way in the middle of the night to get Mummy/Papee to allow you to bed in with us.
As we grow with you... we always pray that things will get better and you will grow to be healthy & happy baby!
Papee & Mummy love you to pieces despite the challenges you throw at us. We look forward to each new day and anticipate the new tricks you have to share!
Love, Papee & Mummy.
You @ Day 3
You @ Day 6
You @ Day 10
You @ Week 4, on your full month luncheon, waiting for your "fans" to arrive.
Your full month cakes from Twelve Cupcakes.