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Our royal fussiness

I finally got down to writing my first letter to our precious boy. Thanks to all the other mummies who have religiously done this, inspiring me to start  my our own letters to document Jonas' development. So here goes for instalment 1. Dear Jonas, You turned 6 weeks old last weekend, and it was probably the longest 1.5 months for Papee & Mummy. You gave Mummy such an easy time when you were in my tummy, and we thought that's going to continue when you arrive. We guess you are now having the last laugh while Papee and Mummy are still trying to suss you out. At week 1 , we thought you were the cutest thing on earth. Mummy had loads of energy and spent almost every waking hour just looking at you. We felt really thankful for you, the most amazing gift we have received in our marriage. You were so easy to care for. We hardly heard you cry... you waited to be fed, loved to bath and went to sleep as and when we wanted you to. Perfect, we thought! Then came week 2 when you d

Resolution for the next 6 weeks

I am due back to the office in six weeks time. So while Jonas is snoozing away on this hot arvo, I thought why not "un-vaccum pack" my pre-pregnancy clothes and see if they all fit.  On hindsight... what was I thinking?! Did i seriously think with 7kg more to lose, I can fit into my favourite frocks and pencil skirts?! Oh well... without a doubt, i started getting all whiny to Hwa over whatsapp on how fat and ugly I am now.... and what if the 7kg does not want to barge and is here to stay! Kudos to the man who was patient enough to reassure me, and even called me over lunch to provide whatever comfort he could to me. Anyway... since this is the first time in my life where my BMI says "overweight" , I am pretty anxious to get rid of the extra kilos.... hence I have resolved to start an exercise regime from next week, with the man, provided our plans does not get hijacked by the little terror who till this day still throws us curve balls, when we thought we had him

Postpartum in review

How time flies. It's been a month since Jonas came into our lives. It wasn't an easy one month, and there will definitely be more to come. To be absolutely honest, I am sorely missing the pre-Jonas days as having a little one really changes everything... and i mean EVERYTHING!!! Not only the amount and quality of sleep we get, to how we go about handling chores at home... and also the relationships we have with the grandparents. All of a sudden, writing strategy papers, working till late in the night, handling difficult agencies and stakeholders seem all too simple. First few days was a bliss. It was parenthood the way I have always envisaged it to be... simple to handle baby, abundant breastmilk, loving husband and supportive grandparents. What I didn't foresee was all these soon changed, and gradually took a toll on me. I insisted to do a lot of things myself, from exclusively looking after Jonas at night, to wanting to do my own and Jonas' laundry and making sure