Loving my Galaxy S2...lalalala

This post is actually overdue. Well... after my entry on which new phone I should get, Hwa went out to renew his already expired mobile contract and got me a white Samsung Galaxy SII, when he is still using his really old iPhone 3G.  How sweet is that?!

Ok, as mentioned before, I am no professional tech person who can write a superb review on mobile phones... but here's what i like on the S2:

I love the 4.3 inch display and super clear resolution. It made my BB torch pale in comparison.

It's 8MP camera, and the various free photography apps makes photosharing so much easier now. Love how I can quickly prettify the piccies I take on the go. With this, I can't wait for birth of Beanie, where I can snap non-stop and share them instantly with all of you.

While I thought Samsung and Andriod's interface was easy to navigate around, I had friends who begged to differ. They felt that Apple was more user friendly, and works well with non-techy people like them. Actually, I agree. Apple's stuff are always more intuitive, and it just works. Andriod does take a little getting used to... but once you get the hang of it... it is seriously easier to organise how you want the phone to function.

What I found confusing on the S2 is its internal memory. It is named as SDcard in my files, when it is actually not. And there is a seperate device memory which i am also not sure whether is makes up part of the internal memory or what. With this confusion.. i left it to Hwa to figure out, and practically let him manage my files! I leave the geek to do what they do best! :)

What i do miss on my BB is the blink indicator, which helps to keep me informed of any incoming messages/whatsapp/missed calls when my phone is in silent mode. Oh well... I cannot have the bet of everything... or can I?

Now... I am looking for ways to prettify my phone...i don't mind having some blink and cutesy decor. :) I am so loving my Galaxy S2... although just this morning... S3 was launched in London.

Oh... i must mention while I am happy with my new phone... I think Hwa's new HTC One X is even cooler (i returned Hwa's sweetness with a new phone for him !) ! HTC my next phone? Probably!