Goodbye Belly, Hello Baby - Part 2

Wanted to have "final" thoughts recorded before I disappear from this blog for some time.... yes i do foresee I may not have the time to blog when Beanie comes.

1) It was my last day @ work today. Quite a relieve actually. While I had initially wanted to work till the day Beanie arrives, the past few days was rather challenging.  The weight bearing down on my pelvis, the constant need to relieve myself, the daily bouts of diarrhea and the punishing weather makes me wanna just stay home and await the arrival of my precious little hwa.

2) I don't quite care that I am wasting at least a week of my maternity leave. I just need all the sleep and rest I deserve before I attempt to be a mother, a wife and a daugther. Let's talk about being a marketer in August.

3) To everyone who thinks I am such a cool mum even before the baby is here... "Thanks!". I have absolutely no idea why I am not nervous. Yes, this is my first pregnancy... and maybe because it is, and I don't know what to expect, that's why I am just waiting for things to happen.

4) I am secretly hoping that Dr F will say I am already starting to dilate, and order me to go to the hospital tomorrow, right after my last appointment with him. Seems quite unlikely though...

5) I am going to miss working... or rather the ting tongs in the office. They have in the past few days tried to predict when Beanie will arrive, at the same time tried to pick an auspicious day for his arrival. I concluded that Beanie is getting confused listening to their chatter everyday... he may just decide to pop out anytime soon.

6) I need to start cleaning my room... like change fresh sheets, set up Beanie's bed, and pack all the gifts into the cabinets. I think I am nesting.... sign of pending labour? Maybe....


Tick Tock Tick Tock.... and the countdown continues....