Found another great BB Cream - Vitamin Science

I have recently been introduced to this brand of skincare products from Korea - Vitamin Science.

The products from Vitamin Science actually makes use of a range of  pure vitamins that helps bring about visible improvements to ones skin after a couple of weeks. What attracted me to their products was that it was developed with people who have sensitive skin in mind. Just the type of product I think would suit me well.

I started with their Vita Advanced Whitening Multi BB Cream. Texture of the BB Cream was slightly thicker than those I have tried, however, it was still light to apply on. What's best is, the cream is very easily absorbed into the skin, leaving me with a very healthy glow. I have used this for a couple of weeks, and so far no signs of breakout! So.. here's yet another BB Cream that is suitable for peops like me with ultra dry, yet easy to break out skin.

I am now trying Vita Advanced Whitening One Step Cleanser and their Vita Advances Whitening Multi Facial Gel....

Let's wait out a few weeks and see how it works on me. Will update.. so watch this space.

If anyone is keen ... Vitamin Science is not on the shelves yet, but they do have an online shop: or you can like them on


Texture of the BB Cream


After smoothing onto skin.