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Are we there yet?

Ok... I have to confess. I am getting impatient and is secretly wishing that beanie will arrive really really soon. Only a few days away from full term, yet i feel like time has kinda slowed down and it is sometimes hard to stay focused at work. I feel like i have been pregnant forever, and cannot wait to get rid of the heaviness. While some mummies to be are fearing the pending labour, here i am wishing i can just press the fast forward button and get on with it. Am i the only one feeling this way? Anyone care to share? Posted via Blogaway

Packing my hospital bag...

As i enter the 35th week of my pregnancy, people around me are getting increasingly excited. Even more excited than me... the mummy to be. They have been urging me to start packing my hospital bag. But the procrastinator in me just wouldn't barge thinking there is still time. Finally, i decided to take the first step towards packing by taking the bag out of the storeroom. I see packing my hospital bag akin to packing for a holiday. Careful planning required on what to wear, what to bring, things to sneak in so i can secretly shower and of course what beanie should wear home. ;-) Well, of course going into labour is far from having a pleasurable holiday. But it certainly is a journey that is worth preparing for... posted from Bloggeroid

My first visit to Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Today, I had the opportunity to dine at Stellar, 1-Altitude, at the kind invitation of the people from BT Invest. I have been wanting to  chill out at 1-Altitude, but somehow , plans to spend a friday evening with girlfriends there always seem to fall through.  While this work event is at Stellar and not the Gallery, it was my chance to take in the breathtaking view of the CBD while enjoying some happy food... and of course participating in the trade event. Food was good, and surprisingly, what I enjoyed most was their salad and soup. Salad was  a combination of tiger prawns , romaine lettuce, couscous, promegranate, almond bits (i think) and feta cheese. Crunchiness of the couscous & almond bits with the juciness of the promegranate gave a different taste and texture to what seemed like a normal salad. I don't think I can do the food justice with what I describe and i wished i remembered to take some piccies. Oh well! I would love to visit again , next time to have a prope